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hi all

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hi everyone! i just happened across this forum and i think it is fantastic!
4 years ago i had my 18 1/2 year old baby kitty put to sleep. that was on a thursday. by sunday of that week, i had two persian kittens. then about a year and a half ago i got two more kittens, just "mutt" kitties. and three weeks ago i got two more kittens, two birmans. so i now have 6 kitties!
i am hoping to show my birmans. i have never shown a cat before so this will be a new experience for me. but one that i am excited about!
so i am in the process now of looking at show curtains and accessories. does anyone else show? what tips can you pass along to a "newbie"?
i am so looking forward to meeting all you "cat" people. i adore cats!!!
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Hi there

Great to have you here. We have loads of experts who show kitties here, I'm not one of them so I can't help with any advice, but I'd like to say welcome and hope to hear more about you and your kitties soon.

Oh, and pictures . . . we all luuurrvvve pictures of cute kitties, do you have any you can post?
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Welcome welcome!!! Great to have you with us!! As Yola said, there are lots of people who DO show, but I'm not one of them either, so I don't have any advice!! :laughing:
BUT, I do LOVE Birmans!!!! Absolutely adore them, so if you have any pics.. please post them... I NEED them!!
Hope to see you joining in in all the threads!!
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Welcome to the site! Six kitties must keep your house hoppin'. I have no advice on showing...I'm still trying to find one just to go see. Perhaps you could post your questions on the Breeder's forum, since most all of them show.

Hope you see you posting often!
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Congrats on the new additions and good luck on showing them. There are many people here who will be able to help with your "show" questions.

Pics please!
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hello all!
thanks for all the great responses.
i will post pictures of all my babies as soon as i can.
i have two persians, a black female named smokey and a tortie female named taz. i have two mutt kitties, a female named zoey and a male named elmo. my newest are two birmans, a seal point named zeenah and a lilic point named zayda.
there is never a dull moment around here. i also have a 5 year old daughter. she keeps things hopping too!
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Birmans are such great cats...so personable.

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