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Abandoned Baby Kitten -Pictures - & Question

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I found a kitten while I was walking in the woods, the vet said she was 3 weeks old. She was very dirty, smelled like a skunk sprayed her, and her tummy was so bloated with worms they were seaping out her back end. Her Name is Amelia. I want to know why she is so attatched to me. When I leave the room she starts pacing and meowing loudly until I come back (or if she sees me leave she runs after me). My parents said that when I am gone over night she lays on my bed and meows constantly. When ever I am near her, she wants me to hold her and is always purring and rubbing on me. Why do cat's rub on people? And why does she love me so much? I love Amelia like she is my own baby, but I've never had a cat love me so much. Why is she so loving?

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Because YOU rescued her and she looks to you as a protecter and mommy

Hope she's all better soon - don't forget to spay her early
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Thanks, I will spay her, we spay and nuter all our pets.
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I have to say - she is absolutely PRECIOUS!! Soooo Adorable!

Yes, she sees you as her mommy/savior...of course she is v. attached to you! Being such a young baby away from her fosters even more attachment I would thing.

Thank you for rescuing this sweet baby!
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Yup, what they said! I just wanted to add that 'I THINK' cat's rub up against you like that- to claim you as 'theirs'. She will follow you everywhere because she loves you, she loves you for rescuing her, for making her tummy feel better, for bathing her, for feeding her, for giving her a warm place to sleep! She does realize that YOU did this for her! Thank you for taking this poor little kitty into your heart, You are a lifesaver! Keep us posted!
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I agree. I had 5 little three week old kittens for just 3 days and they would lean against my hand and they would squeak until I picked them up. I was mama and that's how babies are with their mama's!!
She's adorable.
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She is the cutest! You are now mom and have a BFF! If she was sprayed by a skunk, that could be why she was abandoned, she didn't smell the same........I adopted Maia very young.......

She would wobble around chasing me crying if I put her down the first 3 weeks! She was supposedly 7 weeks but definitely the runt of the litter. I carried her every where with me in a sling around my neck! She is my BFF!
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Aw, she really loves you. Enjoy every minute of it. Bless you for caring so much for her. I can't see her picture here at work but I'm going looking for it when I get home.
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I currently have a 6 week kitten I've been bottle feeding since she was 2-3 weeks. She does the same thing. She's mommy's little girl. It is normal for them to attach to one person like that. I'd consider yourself very lucky to have such a gorgeous lil girl!
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awwww what a little cherub you have there, she looks real well and look at those blue eyes

.......and like the others have already said I cant resist it

she loves you how sweet !!
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She is beautiful! My Nollee is the same except I rescued her (well an adoption agency did and then I adopted her) from being a feral all her life! She trusts you, loves you, appreciates your attention, affection, and protection! You are a very lucky girl!
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OK - I'm home - I've seen her picture and I'm in love! What a little angel baby.
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