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Is anyone else having bad floods?? This is terrible!! I keep hearing on the radio about the towns around me that are flooded. I mean not the whole town its self, but the streets and stuff. Its only going to get worse because they are calling for rain all week!!

*Rain rain go away, come again some other day*

Heres our weather for the week!! YAY! Something to loook forward to!! NOT!!!

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Classes got cancelled for today because the streets are so flooded up in Topeka.. so I guess that's a plus? No class? Other than that.. I wish it would go away.
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I am so sorry to hear that you are in the middle of that terrible mid-western weather! We had awful flooding in New Hampshire on 4/16! My little town was spared the disaster that we had last May, but still, I had to leave work so I could get to my house before the roads are closed! I wish that I could send you some of the beautiful New England weather that we are having!
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I am sorry you are having such horrible weather. I wish I could send of our gorgeous weather your way. It is sunny, 21 C with a light breeze and it is going to be gorgeous all week!
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