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Gardening Advice Needed--Hellebores

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If anyone grows hellebores I could use some advice. I've had some plants for 2 years, and now I have to move some of them because of a new garden shed we're building. I've read that they shouldn't be moved once they're established, so I'm a little concerned. Besides trying not to disturb the roots when I dig them up and having a new spot ready, is there anything else I should do?
They've never bloomed, either. I have plants in 2 different spots and, while they look healthy, no flowers. Any advice?
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They are marginal plants up here near Green Bay but I did see some last week in a garden I was weeding!!
I looked the plant up in a few of my reference books and this is what I can pass on....
I asuming you are mentioning Helleborus orientalis??
They are evergreen and are supposed to self seed. They need well drained soil (ie not heavy clay unless amended)organic soil They can tolerate drier conditions in the summer. They of course prefer partially shady conditions-no full sun for them. They dislike dividing and transplanting but it is best to do this now in the spring. What I would do is hopefully you have a spot ready-make sure the hole is rather large as I would try to dig up as much soil as possible as not to disturb the roots. I hope this helps!!
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Thanks, Gail. At least knowing that now is the time to divide them makes me feel a little better about moving them. I hate the thought of killing them--they're the most expensive plants I've ever bought!
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Good luck....I wish I could garden, but any plant I touch dies - I have an anti-green thumb!
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