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Good names for new Somali kitten.

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I'm getting a somali friend to aid to my two cat household on July 24/25. And I need help with picking out a suitable name, its a boy and my only guess so far is rather silly. Somaliwolly
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Is the breeder giving him a name that you could shorten for a pet name? Or do you want something totally different?

My breeder allowed me to choose Demetri's pet and registered name, his registered name is Silk Truffle as Oci's coats feel like silk and he has chocolate spots.

As he's chocolate silver I wanted a silver name. According to some baby name websites Demetrius was a silversmith in the bible.
He was going to be Chocoholic Demetrius but with the breeders prefix it was too many letters.
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What color is he going to be ruddy, red, blue, or fawn?
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Congrates... i am lousy with name s and the cats both kinda selected there own..
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IMO I'd choose something "foxy" for a somali - since they resemble little foxes

A lot of times, I'd just search catteries for their names of cats and see if any of them "hit me"
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When I got Mosi I wanted a somali name (even though I know that somalis aren't actually from somalia!). After browsing online I couldn't find a somali name that I liked so I broadened it to african names. I found several I liked the sound of but Mosi was my favourite. It's a swahili name meaning first born and Mosi was the first of his litter to be born, and the litter was his mum's first (and the breeeder first) so he was the first born in more ways than one. I later found out that it's also an american indian word meaning cat, which is cool. I like names that have some meaning behind them, even if other people don't know the meaning (so it has to sound right too) but I never make a final decision on a name until I have the cat as it has to fit and you don't always know that until you get the cat home.

His pedigree name is Hobgoblin which is very apt as he's a little monster so I do use that as his middle name - Mosi Hobgoblin.

I intend to name all my future somalis (and there will be more!) after african names if possible to fit in with the same theme.

Generally I tend to choose names that are either related to the looks or temperament of the cat, or which have some meaning relating to the cats origins. Or named after characters in literature, film etc. Various Tolkien names, including a few made up ones, were possibles for Mosi at one point.
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I like that Swahili/African connection that UrbanTigers mentioned.
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He is going to be a Rudy, I think Samson is good or Samalu. somaliwolly sounds silly maybe I call him that only when he's being annoying or doing bad things, lol lol3:
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I like the Samalu...... Good choice!
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Okay thanks I'll name him that, I dont know what the breeders going call him.
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Originally Posted by neetanddave View Post
I like the Samalu...... Good choice!
Very cute!
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