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Guess what I brought home last night?????

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A little kitty!!!!!! This is quite long, sorry.

I left my parents house yesterday evening and I was driving out the little country road they live on and I saw something along the road. I got out and it was a little furry kitty. Of course, I picked her up and put her in the car with me. I had no idea what to do with her because I knew my husband would kill me. He told me two days ago NO MORE, one is enough. I took her back to my parents house and my mother who is a dog lover said no! My dad on the other hand who is a softy fell in love with her. Well I wanted to bring her home with me and see how my husband, Jason and Kiki would react to her. Kiki gets so bored sometimes and it would be great for her to have a playmate.

I brought her home and gave her a bath. I had to cut so much of her hair off because it was matted with leaves and twigs in it. I still have more to get, she got a little frustrated with me. I gave her some food and then she was out, she was so tired. She is so loving. She did tear my hand to shreads last night when I tried to get her in my house. That was my fault. I didn't have anything to put her in to transport her and she got really scared when we got out of the car. All the way to my home she slept in my lap, curled up in a little ball.

Kiki didn't take to her that well. She went crazy. I put the kitty in the cat carrier so Kiki could come up and see her at her own pace. This still didn't help. My husband through a fit and jumped me. I gave him a good guilt trip. I told him that I would take her back to where I picked her up at and he calmed down. He is a softy too, I just have to work him the right way!

Well, the kitty has done nothing but sleep. She is using the litter box, a separate one from Kiki's. Kiki is still growling and hissing at her. My dad said that if she didn't work out here that they would take her or my sister might. I have been upset because Kiki is so mad at me. She hates me. She just sits and glares at me. I hope that she calms down. I have been giving her extra, extra attention and love, but she doesn't want anything to do with me. I hope that things get better. If Kiki starts to like the kitten then my chances of keeping her here will be better with Jason. As of right now it is still NO.

Hopefully I can get some pictures of her, she is such a doll!
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What a great story! And...I tip my hat to you for rescuing this poor kitty!

Drop by the Behavior Forum for some ideas on how to introduce your new kitty to Kiki so that there aren't any big battles.
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What an angel you are!!!! I SO hope you can work things out to keep her with you! We didn't have a separate room to keep Munchkin in when we brought her inside, so we bought a large dog crate to keep her separate from the boys. They stared at her for two days, and there was lots of hissing and growling at first. But they're great friends now, and Lazlo plays dad to her (well - mommy, really). Gary's great with animals and managed to introduce her into our small home within just a few short days...

But there are LOTS of things you can do!!! Check out the behavior forum, and there's lots of suggestions in the "My Friend Needs Help" (or something like that - a post by Debby in the Feral forum).

I hope you can work it out so you can keep her!

Cats are territory driven, and it takes both time and patience to introduce a new cat into an existing cat's territory. But how wonderful that no matter what happens this little life has been saved!!!!

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Oh Wow!!! Can't wait to see some pics of the little one!!!
To be honest in my own experience two girls will take a bit longer to get used to each other, so you may have a be patient a little longer.... but they will calm down eventually and I'm positive Kiki will forgive you soon enough (there is always bribery :laughing: )

Bless you for taking this little baby on though, whether you keep her or your parents/family, at least you can be sure she will have a good home

As LDG said, check out the bahviour forum to get lots of advice on introducing and "de-stressing" the cats!

All the best!
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Thanks everyone,

I called my mom and she said that she bought some kitten food and supplies for the little kitty. No matter what this little kitty has a home.

Things are not going well with Kiki. I was giving her some extra love last night and she growled at me the whole time. I think that I am more upset than Kiki. I sat on the couch crying as Kiki stared at me growling.

I am taking the kitten to my parents house tonight, if I get out of class early. I am going to miss her but at least I will get to see her at my parents house. My little sister who is 14 is going be Kitty's new mom. She is so excited!

I just can't get over how cute this little kitty is. She is so fluffy and she has such a cute face. My husband really likes her too. Anyone would just fall in love with her. You take one look at her and you are hooked! I hope she is happy at my parents house. Poor thing has had such a rough start at life.
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Your sister is going to love having the kitty. It is going to be a good match and you can visit whenever you want without freaking Kiki!
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I'm sure she will have a great life with your family. Too bad Kiki didn't take to her. Regardless, the little angel has a good home, and a bright future, thanks to you!
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That is so sweet of you to have rescued this little kitty!!! **HUGS** And even though I am sorry it didn't work out that you could keep her yourself, I am so happy she will be getting a good home with your parents and sister! And at least this way you can still see her, and Kiki won't be mad at you anymore!
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Kiki is being a little nicer to the kitty. My husband has got attached to her. He said that we should keep her throughout the weekend and see if Kiki starts coming around better. If things work out I get to keep her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Hoorah!! See Nicki!! Just a little more patience and Kiki will be in love with new kitty as much as you and hubby are!! Yippee!!! Hope it works out!
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What happened with the new kitty? Did you get to keep her? She is so lucky you found her in the road. A lot of people would have just left her there. I hope Santa knows you've been a very good girl this year!
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Oh, I hope it works out for you to keep the little angel!

A couple things you may try to help Kiki...rub a towel on Kiki, then on baby kitty, then Kiki again. This will mix their scents and baby kitty won't seem like such an intruder. Also, if baby kitty sleeps on a blanket or towel, put that under Kiki's food dish so she starts to associate baby kitty with good things. Of course, like you have been doing, shower Kiki with love and attention so she knows she is still Alpha and still loved. Feed her first, play with her first, stuff like that.
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It took Dorian a week and a half before he stopped trying to destroy and kill Mickey. He was the one and only kitty in my house, and he hated me for about 2 weeks. He wouldn't sleep on my pillow, he wouldn't sit on my lap, and he would randomly try to scratch my ankles when I walked by. We've had Mickey for about a year now, and he and Dorian are little Busom Buddies now. It does take a while for a single cat to get used to having "a new guy in town"!

I hope it all works out, it will be wonderful for her to have a playmate!
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I was so excited when I saw your sis was going to be the new kitty's mum - but I'm even more excited now that you might get to keep her! Your sis is going to be upset though....

How's it going? Any of the suggestions helping the transition? It can be rough!

Here's hoping all is going well,


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I GET TO KEEP HER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am so excited!! Kiki has been so great the past 24 hours. I caught her and the new kitty touching noses. It was so cute. There is no more growling or hissing. Tonight Kiki was trying to play with the new kitty, it was so funny. The kitty didn't know what to think. It is all going to work out. I think the main thing that has helped Kiki has been the extra love and attention. I have been taking alot of extra time to play with her to let her know she is still my little girl.

Now I am going to need some help coming up with a name for this little kitty. Thats where all of you come in, if you don't mind. As soon as I can get some film for my camera, I will get some pictures. For some reason my webcam has not been working and I don't have a digital camera (I wish I did). It may take a little while for some pics. In the meantime put your thinking caps on because I need some suggestions. If you guys don't mind.

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What does baby kitty look like? I know she's cute and fluffy.

I read through your first post about her, and the only thing I thought of initially is Twiggy since she had so many leaves and twigs in her fur.
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I think a name that sort of incorporates how she was when you found her would be good! I like Mattie(or Maddie) cause her hair was all matted down! I can't wait to see pictures of the little girl!!!
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Here is a description of the little kitty.

She has bright green eyes with blue around the pupils. Her hair around her neck is very long and frizzy. It kind of looks like a lion. Her hair gets shorter as you move down the back then it gets long again. She has a huge black fluffy tail. Her coloring is weird, tabby like brown/black strips where the hair is short, but solid colors where the hair is long and frizzy. Her hair on her belly is curly but long.

So far I like the suggestions.

Mattie or Maddie (I really like this one!)
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I found a lovely name recently, its a woodland fairy which runs around wearing moss and leaves (a little like your baby when you found her).

The name is Ghillie Dhn. Which I think is old Scottish.

You can shorten it to Ghil or Ghillie?

Or you could go for Tytania, which was the fairy queen in A Midsummer Nights Dream.
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Ooo I like that idea Yola!! I always go for "theme" names.... and if you get anymore pets.. Shakespeare has LOADS of good names!
Puck, Peaseblossom, Lysander, Hermia, Demetrie etc etc etc etc
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Bod - did you do English lit. at school by any chance?
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:LOL: yeah, loved it...
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I'm so glad you get to keep her!!!! Kiki will appreciate having a friend. It DOES take a while for them to get used to each other. I'm glad it's going so quickly for you.

I love all the name suggestions! These are too good to compete with! If it were me, I'd go with Ghillie! I love the idea of naming her after a woodland fairy that wears moss and leaves!

BTW - how's your sis about this?

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I'm so glad everything has worked out! I can hardly wait to see some pictures of your furbabies!
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I found a pet name finder for you.
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Things are going so great. Kiki and the kitty are playing with each other. It is so funny to watch them chase each other around the house.

Right now my husband and I have two names for the Kitty.

Mattie or Ragamuffin

My husband came up with Ragamuffin, can't you tell. What ever she is named, he will call her something different. He calls Kiki, Stew. Who knows, I am just starting to get the feel of this little ones personality. Thanks for the suggestions.

By the way my sister was fine with me keeping the kitty. I think she was a little relieved.
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