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im back sorry long

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well the last time i visited was july 2006, the reason i came across this site was because the family next door had a unnuterd female cat who had had kittens once but all died execpt one who when 6 weeks old was left out side with mum cat, yes the mum was very protetive with the kitten and would not allow me or any one to come near her or the kitten she did execpt some food but not the kitten who looked really week well about a week later arund 12pm i looked out the window as my rabbit was making a lot of noise and i thought there was a fox outside when i looked down something black was mving around near my rabbits age i thought it was a rat why i do not know but i did, so i throw a penny down and what i fault was a rat ran away, then the net day i was outside bring my rabbit in as the weather was really bad and he was drenched with water while i was outside i heard a crying cat i thought it wuld be the mum cat and baby calling to go in so i looked over my fence ... and there was no cats now im worried because its getting loader and the weather was getting worse, so i looked everywhere then i remembered we had wood stacked up and covered with a black sheet near the rabbit cage when i lifted the black sheet, there he was this poor little kitten drenched to the bone i quickley got it inside dryed him with a towl and placed him in to a box with a towel and water bottle he was very week, my mum had rasied stray and feral kittens all her life so i had grown up around kittens that were very young so it was lucky i knew what to do, but i could tell he was very weak and hadent eaten in quite a while so i got some kitten replacment milk and he drank around 25ml stright away and he did 25ml every 4 hours, he seemed to be healthy no problems just a bit cold and wet and withen 2-3 days he was up and about playing with my older cats, but then the family next door knocked saying they lost their black kitten i knew it was there cat so i had to give it back. what got me is that it took them nearly 4 days to ask about it, i was so sad that i had to give him back, i told the lady that he is starting to be weaned on to food i gave her the pak of food i had bought and that he still needs help cleaning himself as he hasnt got the hang of it just yet. she said ok, then i told her she must get the female cat and this cat neutered asap, she told me the female had been neutered it was a mistake that she got pregnant. so that was that, around 2-3 weeks later i had not seen or heard the black cat(knight as i called him) so i thought id knock and see how he was, to my great pain they told me he had died. Then last night i heard the worst thing the lady was outside and her friend asked about the black kitten and how it was...

then i heard this sick women say o we killed him he was too much hard work!!!!! i went crazy at this women i told her if she couldnt take care of him she knew i would and there are plenty of no kill shelters that would of found him a home. I got stright onto the phone to the rspca who might i add have done nothing they say i have no proff. and now today i have gone int my garden and sitting on the wall is the mum cat so i call her and give her some tlc and to my shock she is pregnant!!! so now im not sure what i can do i dont want her to kill the cats or leave them outside, and i want this female cat neutered. what can i do???
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phew !! what a story - I am drained just reading that How horrid of that thoughtless and abusive neighbour

Well glad you came back to see us all again

So about the mum-to-be-cat - try RSPC again or the Cats Protection League and explain the situation now about pregnant mum and the possibility that they kittens wont survive It is hard as they said last time, you do need proof, but it is always worth the call just to see what they say. You could tell them that she lied to you about her being spayed

The other thing you could do is go see this person and ask them outright if you can take the cat as they obviously have problems keeping it and when the kittens come it will be even harder for them. One you have her then one of the rescue centers might be able to take her.

Oh heck, my hearts does go out to you keep us posted !!!
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What a sad, sad story. Can you call RSPC and have them come and take the pregnant cat away? I hpe that they can dos omething tosave this next litter of kittens!
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Hola y bienvenido de nuevo a TCS, ...Catulina y Milky te saludan!!........
(Translate: Hi and Welcome back to TCS, Catulina and Milky say hello to you!!!...)
I´m so sorry about you pass all this......
See you on the forums!
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Welcome back.
It makes me sick when ppl can't take responsibility for the animals in their care.
I hope you have more success this time.
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Hi welcome back to TCS!
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Welcome back to TCS!
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well welcome back !

It sure does sound like u have a lot going on I do hope that whatever you do u have more success! It just makes me so mad soemtimes at such irresponsible people Just try to talk to ur local non kill shelter or someone and eexplain the situation, everyone has already given some good advice!!! But please keep us updated

Also R.I.P poor lil black kittie
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I'm so sorry about Knight, the poor baby. You're in a tough situation. Do you think these neighbors would sign the cat over?
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Welcome back. Im so sorry to read about Knight.
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