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Jake is back, yay. he came back earlier than i expected. we were all talking about the cats and he is on this stupid thing about how mama kitty can come in our room but Had can't go into daniel's room. it's not fair. and i will continue to kick mama kitty out of my room. even when i didn't have Had i didn't allow her in my room. i don't like other peoples pets in my space. it is funny, Had keeps rubbing her scent all over the carpet in the living room. now when mama kitty comes out, she is going to have to do it too. daniel has fish in his tank out in the living room now. they are just cheep goldfish because he is just seeing if he can keep them alive, or at least some of them. about 4 died, and i think another one is on its way. i know there is a forum for other animals but it is easier to do it all in one thread.

as my sig says, cats can sense stupid, maybe that is why Had finds him annoying. he is smart, on most things. but not cats, and most of the time dogs.