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Help With Two Fighting *neutered* Males

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Hey there! I've got two boys just over a year old, and we just got them neutered Thursday. The problem before then was that they would fight. It hadn't gotten very bad until about a week and a half ago, when I noticed Twilight (the younger, my precious!) had an abcess under his right foreleg. We took care of that, but since we had to do that we didn't have the money to get both of them fixed on that payday. Sooo, since they were both fighting more and more frequently, I put Twilight in my room to keep them from eating eachother. (eating's my word, not for real tho )
I guess my main question is, when will their aggression towards eachother dwindle, if it will at all? I was at my moms yesterday and my dad said when he opened my door to let Twilight out, it wasn't even a minute before Hershey (my other baby) ran in my room and attacked Twilight. -.-
Anyways, sorry for the huge post! I just really want to figure this out before my dad tells me I need to find a new home for one of them, that's my last resort. Thanks for any help!
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I am not an expert in this but this is what I think:

You really need to get them both fixed just as soon as you can. The horomones will stay in their systems for about a month or so after neutering. Keeping them separated until they can get fixed and settle down a bit is probably the way to go. Hope your dad will understand. I know getting the money together can be tough sometimes (I'm missing a lot of lunches this month due to vet bills), but as soon as you can, things should begin to improve.

There will be other, more knowledgeable people along soon. Good luck and keep us updated!

Edit: I may have misunderstood. So both cats are neutered now? If that is the case, give them a month to see if they begin to settle down.
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Hi there, I can sympathise with your situation I have recently inherited a new youngster, I already have 3 cats, two seniors and a toddler

Well the newbie, Teddy, is just plain mean to my toddler Miss Moofi, he chases her, wrestles her to the ground and it just generally horrid to her

He has now been neutered about one month ago, he has settled a bit but has his moments, you see, Moofi sees him and knows he's gonna be mean and she will run off, so Teddy obviously chases what can you do.......

He gets time-out in another room, its not a punishment, just some quiet time, its a comfortable place and he has all the things he needs, when I let him back out, he's ok.

I have realised that it will take time and I have to be patient.

He's still a baby and wants to play, so I cant get angry with him really I just have to make sure I protect and fuss Moofi more than usual
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Originally Posted by Cheshyr_Cat View Post
we just got them neutered Thursday.
It will take about a month for their hormones to settle down.

Your other cat attacked because the neutered boys will smell different after being at the vet. You can try dabbing vanilla at the base of tail and under chins to help them all smell alike.
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Also keep in mind that if they are separated for awhile, you will need to go through a re-introduction phase to make sure things go smoothly. I think there is a sticky here about introductions.
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Yes, it takes a month for the hormones to get out of their system. I'd keep them more/less separated when you can't supervise.

Also might want to wash them to take away the vet office smells and after the bath put a little cornstarch baby powder on them so they smell the same.
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Thanks for all your help guys! I didn't know it would take a month for their hormones to dissipate. I'll be giving them a bath soon then; and which is better, the baby powder, or vanilla for similar scents on them? I'm sure they smell eachother all the time because Hershey (The one that gets to roam the house most) is my cuddly bear, always with me, and Twilight (the one in my room) always sleeps with me and loves being on my lap, just not so cuddly.

Also, one other quick question:
Since we got our cats (maybe two years ago?) I've gotten allergies in the Spring. It only happened the Spring after we got them, and only in the spring. Do any of you know what it might be? Because the rest of the year I'm perfectly fine, it just starts around the end of January, and I've still got them (hopefully coming to an end, they got pretty bad over the weekend, but thats what happened last year before they went away)

Again, sorry the such a long post! And thanks ahead of time for all of your replies!
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They tend to shed out more in the spring, but it could be a combo of the cats and the normal spring allergy stuff.

Try using distilled water to wipe your cats down daily - just put some distilled water on a wash cloth and wipe them off. Has to be distilled water - not regular tap water.

Either method would work (powder/vanilla). I keep cornstarch powder on hand, but most people have talc powder in the closet. Try both methods and see which work better for you.
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