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need ideas on litter

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I am in the process making my cats a garden.

I want to plan an outdoor litter area..... The simple solution is sand, but I have tried that before.... It bogs down after a while....... and does not do good in the rain/weather..

I have thought of sand with a cover on it to protect it from water but am not sure of that. Or even building a tiny shed with sand inside...

Just not sure the best way to do this.

Has anyone successfully made multiple cats an outdoor litter area that actually works with miniminal effort to the owner of the "poop plot...."?

Is there a substance you can use in sand that makes cat poop disappear??


seriously, any suggestions would be appreciated.

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I know of a substance that makes poo disappear. Vapoorise. Unfortunately it is fictional (check out the movie Envy, if you are wondering what I am talking about )

If it is outside, can you just use normal dirt?
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When we first made Cleos outdoor pen, we stuck the litter track out there, but she actually preferred digging in the dirt. As you know as a blind kitty she is indoors most times, but in the morning she scratches at the door to go out! Is there any reason why your kitties can't use the dirt that's there? Or is your area concreted?
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I vote for dirt or even potting soil.Blaze prefers dirt and leaves to do her business.
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My cats like just plain old garden soil to do their business in. They enjoy areas that are tilled up so the digging isn't so hard though.
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DIRT WINS OUT!!!!! HANDS DOWN!!!!! SPECIALLY SINCE WE CAN'T VAPOORISE....That's what I was hoping for.....

I was discussing this with my husband last night and I think thats what we will do. Just let em go where they want.......... garden soil, dirt and grass.....

I want to eliminate litter boxes inside. Most of them love digging in the dirt but I have a few that have NEVER used anything but a litter box.....

I'll have to check out the movie ENVY. Never heard of it........
But Vapoorise???? of course it's too good to be true... darn...

thanks all..........Jenn
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My boys both love digging in the pine needles and dead leaves under the trees. They always have a pee there, I think just for the sake of it 'cos they like digging out a pee hole!
I think you'll find your cats will go right ahead and dig away in the soil quite happily.
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