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Did anyone see the single bit of good news...

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There was one ray of sunshine in the awful news about Greensburg, Kansas today. On NBC, they showed a family searching the rubble of their home for keepsakes, and the daughter uncovered a tiny grey kitten! They'd never seen the kitten before, but he had somehow survived under all the debris, and of course they're keeping him. The little girl said she would name him Twister.
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bless that family's heart i am glad that amdist all their loss and heartbreak- they still have enough love and kindness to help out that sweet little needy kitten. that just goes to show how amazing and resiliant some people can be i admire them for that! and i think twister is a perfect name for the kitty lol.
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I wonder if the kitten belonged to a neighbour who's house was demolished also. In that case, I hope this family will return the kitten, but if she's a genuine stray, I'm glad they want to keep her.
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Thats soooo good to hear! But yet sad too.
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The most amazing people seem to live in this town! I have been dumbfounded by the positive attitude and spirit that everyone seems to have. It is just heartbreaking to see the town as devistated as it is, and yet everyone is greatful for what DID survive! I think that this little kitten is just a small symbol of the courage that Greensburg seems to have!
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I wonder how that sweet kitten survived, Awwwww
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When I first saw the news about the town my first thoughts were about the animals.

Yes, I caught that news report last night, too.
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Awww, little Twister!! Meant to survive in a pile of rubble
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Oh how sweet is that!?!
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Aww thats so nice they found that sweetie pie. Ive got a soft spot in my heart for grey kitties since my Bubba passed away...When I lived in Fort Bragg NC Hurricane Hugo passed through and my mom had taken me to a girl scout meeting the evening the hurricane hit our area (days sooner than expected) and while we were trying to leave the building during the horrid rain we found a grey tabby kitten stuck in a tree. Even tho I am terrified of heights I climbed up that tree to save him cuz I can never leave a cat somewhere when I think its in danger. We ended up taking him home finding another stray that found his way into our house hiding behind our tv. We ended up naming them Hugo and Erma Butt (my moms lovely nickname for me)...I think now I realized where my addiction started from..My mom never saying no to me..LOL!
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Hurray for little Twister!!

The local TV news was in Greensburg today (we are the closest big city) and their headline story was of a woman who found her little dog alive in their home. She was crying and claimed that he was waiting for them to return. The next shot was of a man with his dog that apparently he was reunited with. I wonder how many pets were lost through all of this.

I'm waiting for news if any local rescue group is going out there to help find or temporarly foster lost pets. I've already decided to head down there to help if I can find a group that is doing this. I figure I can fit my trap and about a dozen carriers in the car and we're only about a 4 hour drive.
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Amy, that's a great idea! I'm sure they can use all the help they can get. I was thinking that some of those government trailers that have been allowed to just sit and rust away in Arkansas should be hauled up to Greensburg to serve as shelters and "reuniting centers" for the critters, and even for lost objects that people could identify and claim. It sounds like there's not enough of the town still standing to provide space for such efforts...
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