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potty training and weaning

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So my babies are about 4 weeks old. They're now drinking 6oz at a feeding between the 6 of them. I gave them some beef baby food tonight on a plate and they lapped it up, of course walking in it as well! I've been letting them go further between feedings (about 4 hours). Tonight they didn't drink well at all and that is why I gave them the baby food.
I've been putting them in the litter box after eating and stimulating them over it as well. They haven't quite caught on yet.
When can I expect them to "get it"? Any tips?
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These links on Kitten Rescue will help you out.

Potty training: http://www.kitten-rescue.com/four_to_five_weeks.html
Weaning: http://www.kitten-rescue.com/weaning.html
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Baby food is fine to give kittens as a starter food but make sure you introduce wet kitten food not long after by slowly mixing more and more kitten food into the baby food until they are eating just the kitten food. Onions can be toxic, so make sure any baby food you give them doesn't contain any onion or onion powder.
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If they are orphan kittens you are dealing with, get them changed over to more solid kitten foods with some KMR mixed, rather then continuing with human baby foods. You can still make the kitten canned food a little soupy.

Since they have no adult cats to watch, it probably will take a little longer then normal for them to "get it" with the litter pan. A shallow cake pan works better with litter in it untill they are big enough for the normal size pan.
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Put some of their poop into the pan and let them walk around in the litter. When they smell the poop, they might understand what the pan is for. It's amazing how fast the instinct to dig in the litter and eliminate in it kicks in.
I also agree that a cake pan works much better since they will be able to get in and out of it on their own.
If you have older cats, you might be able to start introducing them to the kittens with lots of supervision. My boy Pippin really took to Smeagol and would groom and play with him and little Smeagol followed him around like a fan boy! It's good for them to learn from the adult cats so they aren't socially stunted.
Of course, make sure your cats are up to date on Vaccs to make sure they don't get sick from the babies.

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Right now they seem more interested in sleeping in the litter box! I am using a 9x9 foil cake pan, and 4 of the 6 will curl up in there and sleep.
I got some kitten food today so I'll start them on that as well. Boy do they make a mess! I hate giving them baths so often, but the food is really strong, and they're not really good about cleaing themselves (although they sometimes clean each other!).
I am just glad the 2 hour feedings are over!
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hey just wanted to let you know if you put a drop of viseen eye dropps in the litter they will be attrackted to it they will got to the washroom i have done it for my kittens.
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