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Cats funny way of drinking water

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We have a pair of 2 1/2 year old tabbies (new to us). I've only seen one taking in any water and he's getting the water by putting his paw in the fountain and licking his paw! We have the nice Petmate Water Fountain - the water is constantly cycling through a filter and comes down a ramp. I refill it nearly everyday, so I'm assuming that they're both drinking. But what a funny wy to drink water!
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My 10yr old DSH female would only drink her water like that for about 5 years or so! For a few early years she would put her paws in drinking glasses left around the house, or knock them over and drink! Maybe they are testing it?
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I have one cat that does that. He usually will start drinking after he does this a few times. I have read that cats have very poor depth perception and some cats do this so they know where the water level. Cats can't be embarrassed by misjudging the level and putting their face in the water you know.
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Cindy drinks water that way.
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We got the petpate a week ago since then I have barely seen Heroine drink but he pee's alot more!So he must be drinking.He seems to favor drinking in the morning when I'm asleep now but he still drinks its normally.Mabe turn the speed to low to make sure they would rather drink it than play with it?
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oscar will only drink out of cups. He has one on the headboard and one on the table next the a window.
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My parents cat drank that way! Chevy likes to walk in the bathtub after we shower and then wash himself. He's weird.

Summer insists on lapping up water by digging near the food dish first, placing her paws by the sides of the bowl, then leaning all the way over to lick the opposite side. LOL
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That this is the only way he takes the water.

Perhaps he is using his wits to play games and fool you or maybe entertain you. This is the cats way

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Originally Posted by newkittymom06 View Post
oscar will only drink out of cups. He has one on the headboard and one on the table next the a window.
Mine will only dink out of glasses, too.
Tino will paw the table in front of the glass before he drinks
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Yes, my cats do the drinking-from-the-far-side-of-the-bowl thing, too. I think it may be an instinct from the wild -- if you're drinking from a stream, you want to drink from the fresher, faster-moving water farther out, rather than from the stagnant edge.
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Our ten year old cat nicknamed "Kitty" briefly puts her paw in her water dish before drinking the water. It appears she waits to see ripples to determine the water level first. She never used to do this when she was younger. My guess is that she misjudged the water level one day and got her face wet. Now, she is much more careful.
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my kitty does this, too. she likes to spin her bowl around as fast as she possibly can and then try to catch the droplets in her mouth while they fly by. highly entertaining but extremely messy lol
ive caught her drinking out of my straw on several occasions, but only if its a fountain DP.
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