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Why are.......

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Placemats so expensive?
I've been looking on ebay, amazon, linens and things, and I can't find what I want... plus, they're expensive too!

I just got a new/used dining table today because our other one was too small. It has 6 places to set.. and it has mint green chairs. What colors would go good with it? I also need a napkin holder too..I really don't have much of a theme in the kitchen either... I'm not very....... domesticated?
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huh i wouldnt know. I always pick em up from the store i work at for $1 lol
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Originally Posted by ScamperFarms View Post
huh i wouldnt know. I always pick em up from the store i work at for $1 lol
That's a good deal!
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dont know if you have any local but Family Dollar they are nice ones.
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Hmmm..I think my mom pays $5 for hers. Usually she picks hers up at a local super store and she uses the vinyl placemats rather than cloth.

Mint green? Try peach maybe or Ivory?
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Who uses that kind of stuff for their Kitchen table? NOT me!!!I'm a good ole fashion Hillbilly though.
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I think they're sort of annoying, they always get knocked off the table.

Look for sales?
Sometimes kmart, if you have one near you, has some nice ones. Though they're Martha Stewart brand and rather expensive.

Colors to go with mint green; other pastel colors, bright oranges and yellows for a spring-summer feel, floral that has a mint green in the leaves. And of course neutral ivory/off white.
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I don't know if you have a "Ross Dress for Less" store - I got some nice kitchen towels, hot pads, etc. there for a great price!
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Maybe a nice chocolate color or a pretty peach color Also- try Pier 1. They have AWESOME place settings for very reasonable prices- not to mention- they're an investment- those things are soooo durable (at least the pier 1 settings) they last for a really long time If you go into the stores- you can look at some of the displays and see the color schemes they have together and get some ideas from them World Market has them too if there is one near you- i'm not sure about the prices on theirs though.
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Yep, dollar store or Wal-Mart, or even garage sales.
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