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Food Processor Advice Needed!

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Hey guys, I really need to buy a food processor (most notably so that I can make my own hummus, because it's so tasty and why spent $3 for a tiny container when I can just make my own?)... Alton Brown says to get at least 650 watts, but other than that I only know it need to be able to pulverise garbanzo beans and occasionally cut veggies, but I DON'T need one that does dough (I have a Kitchen-Aid stand mixer for that). Any recommendations?
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I have a Braun. I bought it used from a friend back in 1996 and she had it for about 3 years.

It has blades to:


I use the chopping blade to chop nuts, onions, bread crumbs, purre things, and even to mix pastry dough.

I use the shredding blade to shred cheese, carrots, onions, potatoes (for hash browns).

I use the slicing blade to slice onions, potatoe, veggies...

All pulsing is is an on/off action. Most food processors don't have a permanent "ON" button. You have to hold the button down to run it. So to pulse just press the button and release....repeat.
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I have this one in White, and I love it:
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That's a similar style to what I have. You can find food processors for way less than $199.00 for the Cuisinart. That's a popular brand name, so you pay more because of the name. But the quality is excellent should you decide to go with a Cuisinart.

Check out some of the department stores in your area.... Target, Wal-Mart, K-Mart...you will find a decent food processor at any one of them.
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I have an immersion blender that has several attachments (like a same food procceser-great for an onion or two). I don't even use my bigger food processor anymore. (I think its made by Braun or Cuisinart)
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Braun and Cuisinart are the best IMO.

I have a Robotcoup (which I've been told is the original European version of Cuisinart). I've had it for well over 25 years and it's awesome. I got the larger version simply to avoid doing my "processing" in batches.

I recommend that if you buy one - don't go cheap. You'll be happier in the long run.

The other thing I suggest is that you find a nice place on your counter for it - otherwise you'll be digging into cupboards every time you need to use it and may find you use it less than you anticipated. I use mine fairly frequently so it has a place of honour on the counter.
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