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Chafing fur off?

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I noticed today that it looks like my kitten Gibbons has chafed the fur off of the bridge of his nose, from his nose about halfway up. Is it anything to worry about? The skin is pink, but doesn't look particularly irritated or anything. I don't see any sign of the hair growing back, its very smooth...will it come back??
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The first thing I would find out is how he's doing this. There's something that's going on that needs to be addressed. If he's not doing it himself, then I would be concerned about a possible bacterial infection or a fungus.
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Sorry- didn't see this til now- I never have time to stop in here much anymore

Well, the fur doesn't seem to be coming back, but isn't getting any worse either. When we first got Gibs he had what looked like food crusted on the bridge of his nose- I assumed it was from eating wet food and not washing his face afterwards (he had no idea how to clean himself- he was only with his mother for two days before she died, and he wasn't taught by the people who raised him). Onyx has taught him to clean himself, by example, and when he started washing his face after eating thats when the fur seemed to 'disappear'.

I don't think its parasites- wouldn't it spread farther than 1/4" from his nose if it was? It looks like it was physically chaffed off. It doesn't seem to bother him, I was just wondering if it would grow back, thats all.
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Ringworm is a fungus infection that starts out like a scabby or flakey patch of skin. The fur will fall out after the initial contamination. Please take the kity to the vet and have it checked out. It is very contagious and can quickly spread to the other cats.
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