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Another stray has shown up--disturbing pics

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This one looks rough. This is the second one with a broken/messed up tail. (I haven't seen Bootsie (the other one) in a while)
I hope someone isn't torturing them nearby somehow.
She'll be safe in my barn for as long as she wants to stay.

It's been behind my round bale in my barn all day. The poor thing needs her tail addressed. It's matted at the top and no hair on bone from half way down. Probably infested with God knows what.

This one is promising to tame though. she doesn't run from me, just hisses.
There's hope for her/him (I hope).
She ate like mad this morning so she can't be too sick if she is at all.
WHY do they end up at MY place???
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look at that poor thing , i really hope it isnt someones idea of fun. its great she/he might be able to be tamed.
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I hope so. It ran out of my barn tonight. We'll see...
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oh that's awful, you think they're getting caught in a bush-hog or some other kind of farm equipment?
man, that gave me cold chills.
keep us posted on things if you can. hopefully it'll come back knowing where the food is.
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Someone ate up all the food last night, but I haven't seen her since. I think she's more cautious but still nearby.

I have no clue what's going on with them.
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Ohhhh.. That is sooooo sad! Yes, please keep us updated! I'm sure he/she will be ok...with the loving help from you
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Oh my dear lord That poor little baby

Please please please try to trap this poor baby as soon as possible,I will be honest with you this poor kitty looks like it has faeces matted around his/her bum and this has built up with the result that flies have laid eggs in 'it' and maggots have eaten away at his/her tail.
The poor baby could be being eaten alive from inside out and is certainly in a lot of

If you can't get help with trapping please make a trap yourself.

Here is a link to making a simple trap,if you can't make it get someone who can.

after you have made it make sure you have a cat basket and gloves to transfer the
poor kitty into to take to the vet.

If you catch him/her soon they may only have to amputate the tail but please please
be quick........his/her life depends on you

That poor sweet baby
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Poor little baby. He/she looks to be in an awful mess.

I hope he/she will come back to you so you can help.
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I agree with trying to trap the poor kitty. He/she needs medical attention. Poor thing I hope you can catch him/her and that you can tame the little sweetie. Good luck.
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Any updates on this little one?
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If you happen to live in Berea in Cleveland, the Animal Rescue Fund is one of the best shelters I've ever known of (they unfortunately only have the resources to help animals found in Berea, since they're no-kill and privately funded). I know a couple others around there (NE Ohio in general), pm me if you want to.
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I live in NE Ohio (rootstown). I'd be able to take her in and get her to my vet. I may not be able to keep her forever (I have six already) but I could help her and get her all better.
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Originally Posted by SugarGlider View Post
I live in NE Ohio (rootstown). I'd be able to take her in and get her to my vet. I may not be able to keep her forever (I have six already) but I could help her and get her all better.
That's very goodhearted of you to offer to help the little one

Is there any news on the little one yet Tia?Have you had any luck catching her?
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I've been thinking about this cat. Have you been able to help him/her at all? that tail is pitiful.
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What a terrible thing to see happen to a cat. It is so very sad, and it sounds like you have another feral that is having a similar problem. Have you spoken with the local police dept. to see if they have any reports of other animals with strange wounds or that have gone missing? If so, then that would at least let them know that there is a very sick individual (serial killer in training)
in the area.
How very kind of you to try and take care of these poor animals!
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I didn't realize I had so many replies! I haven't seen her since that day but someone is eating the cat food in the barn. They are selling traps at the local TSC for 30 bucks. I think I'll pick one up. I have to be careful though when to set it. I don't want one getting dehydrated overnight or something.

I'll keep you all posted. Thanks for the offers everyone. Rescue village is my local no kill shelter and I know they will help me..

I just got off from working 4 12 hour days, so my time lately has been very limited. I'm exhausted!!
The other is a kitty is a short haired tabby/white and the tail looks good, just "dead". I'll do my best to get this one help..
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I worry, when I see injuries like this, that those traps on sale at various retail places may actually be a part of the PROBLEM. Not that trapping is SO arcane, it's not rocket science, *but* it goes better when you know what you are doing and you're using the best equipment for the job. Tia, if you possibly can, get someone from your no-kill shelter to show you how to do the trapping, or at least talk to you about the process. I think that might help.

We once had a gray longhair cat show up, with an injury to his tail -- GORGEOUS cat. He had to have the tail "docked" but he was soon adopted, even with that stub tail. His people just adored him and fortunately, didn't care if he had a normal tail or not. I don't think that there was any reason to suspect foul play in that case, I think that cat just got in a fight and got a tail injury that festered. We've also recently rescued a kitten that got its tail frostbitten (it was left on a doorstep by its mother cat, and the temps were so low that the tail wasn't warm enough -- we had to work hard to slowly warm the kitten, and we guess the tail was already too chilled to be helped by gradual warming and circulation). So that young cat has a stub of a tail, and he DOES seem to like to chase the older cats in that household that have ordinary tails -- but otherwise it doesn't seem to bother him now that it's healed and clean.

I hope Tia is able to get help for these two cats, and particularly if there is a human who is deliberately hurting animals, I hope there is an intervention that will put a stop to it quickly!

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Tia I tend to agree with Linda Of pgff those traps do sound like they are "too good
to be true"
I live in the UK and a safe humane trap can cost anything upto 80 pounds I think that
converts to about 150 dollars?If that shop is selling traps for such a low price
you will need to check that it is really safe...

1...working mechanism......must work....every time!!

2...feel ALL the edges of the trap with your fingers....If it's sharp,,,don't buy it.

3...test the trap yourself ...

I'm so happy to hear you can gethelp from your humane society

Hopefully the two little ones who so desperately need help will get the help they so desperately need .....Thank you for helping the little ones Tia
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we have used a havahart trap. we've had no injuries. maybe try one of them? southern states sells them, so tractor supply probably would too.

hope I haven't just recommended the trap that causes that kind of problem. but like I said, we've never messed up anybody's tail
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Good luck Tia with your "trapping" efforts. Sorry to hear that you have been so busy at work! Thank goodness you have a local shelter that is willing to help. Please, do keep us posted!
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May I ask how this poor baby is doing? Were you able to get him to the Vet.
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My husband and I maintain a feral colony and do our bit for homeless kitties in our town..we see some stuff we'd rather not! But I never seen such a bad case as this kitty. We've druggies nearby and sometimes they come up with creative jokes (how they can get the ferals I've no idea, they should come help me trap).
Traps can damage a kitty but not as badly as you would think besides you'll be taking the kitty to the vet and lucky you have a barn, you can sanctuary her (my dream, we have a small house, small yard and no fence so we rescue as much as possible but we're limited, hopefully when we move we'll get a larger place) I use Tru-Catch traps rather than haveaheart because they are lighter and more manageable but it is up to you. Contact your shelter/rescue group they could help you for sure..
Best luck
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