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Monday's Dt

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My new fish Godzilla died Thursday night - he had some kind of fungus growth on him. We only had him for a week! On Friday we had to take Excalibur to the vet (check up and a lump on his chin - he is fine) and they were adopting out kittens. I fell in love with 2 of them. I even named them Gypsy and Andromada. I just couldn't convince the hubby that it would be a good idea to replace a fish with a kitten or 2!

I am feeling really tired today - I didn't want to get out of bed. It probably has something to do with the 8 inches of snow Toronto got over the weekend. I hate snow. It is the nasty 4 letter word out there followed by cold and then work. Since it is a day with all 3 of those in it (snow, cold and work) I am not a happy camper!

I hope everyone else is having an ok day!
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Damn I love snow, always have. We used to get as deep as you do but for some reason snow in the UK is now slushy and, well, crap!

We'd make huge snow-bombs with plastic 1 litre bottles. We'd cut them in half, stuff both sides with snow, knock the snow out, ala sandcastles, then join both ends together. We'd have a beano

There was a huge hill which my Uncle would take me sledging on. I'd lie on his back and he'd push the sledge off. They were good times Eek snow in my wellies
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Yuck - snow! Fortunately, we don't get much, here. Right now, its 61 and sunny.

Rowdy is, still on a tear. For several days, she has been chewing the catnip plant. Ike loves it but, Opie has retreated to the laundry room. He sits up on the water heater. Lord knows how she'll be, Wednesday - there's a full moon!
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Nothing much happening here. I'm freezing at my desk (like usual) and there's nothing the engineer can do about it.

I had an MRI done last Friday because I've been having pains on and off in my behind for the past few months. And 2 weekends ago they got really bad that I couldn't stand, sit or lay without it hurting. So, Tuesday I went to the ER. The ER doctor thinks that I might have a herniated disk.

The bad news is that I have to go back again sometime this week because one section of my spine that they did didn't turn out right. I guess when it was scanning, the machine was scanning something else besides my spine. So, after this, I have to set up an appointment to go and see an orthopedic. Hopefully, she will be able to determine what is wrong with me.

Wish me luck! Have a good day everyone! :daisy:
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Good luck Sarah! I am not fond of MRIs - I hope this is the last 1 you have to do. Sending get well quick vibes your way!
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Spooky hope everything turns out! Back problems are the worst since it effects every part of your daily activities.

As Ady mentioned there is snow that is slowly melting. I found it kind of nice since Toronto had it's Santa Clause parade on Sunday. There's nothing like snow for the Christmas parade. Ohhh...to be young again with youthful fascination! One thing that I find funny is the fact that sooo many people think Toronto gets so much snow. In the last couple of years I haven't even needed major snow boots. Buffalo and other areas receive way more precipitation during the winter months than we do here in Toronto.

I raked all my fall leaves on Saturday and then the snow began. We were so lucky that we did it in time. Our main maple tree only shed it's leaves last week so that's why we waited.

The building inspector came by this morning to check all the electrical work. He gave us 2 thumbs up and signed the certificate for our home insurance.

Other than that, my bathroom renovation saga continues. They were suppose to finish last Friday but never showed up. They came today with the glass shower doors and got them up. But there are still a few loose ends. I ordered a storm window for the outside of the bathroom window but it's still not ready!! It takes a month and a half to have a window completed?

I'm sooo sick of renovation I could throw myself out the window at this point....if I did that then I wouldn't need the storm window any more...hmmmm.....

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Living in California we get the pleasure of Santa Ana winds......

Its about 80 out today, but freakin' windy!!!

These winds kill my alergies!!!

Plus my little Honda doesn't deal well on the freeway with 60mph wind gusts!!!

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