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newbie with a depressed cat

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Hi all Im Daynna

I have a sort of problem with my cat tia untill 2 weeks ago she had shared her 4 yrs off life with mouse our other cat but after a 1yr long spinal problems and loads of fighting we had to let her go she had, had enough. mouse was 5yrs old and the "boss"

Now tia has stopped going out as much and sits in our bedroom asleep most of the day and night, she used to be a really out going girl and always out. she is also crying at me and following me more.

How can i make mouses death easier for her? would another cat help her? or do i just let her ride it out and give her as much cuddles as she wants?

thanks for any advice

Daynna x
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Hi Daynna,

She is in mourning just like a human would be. It will take time and you have to just give her lots of attention and support. Another cat would not be a bad idea, but I would wait a bit and let her mourn Mouse for awhile first. My cat, Suling, died after 17 years. Her sister spent 12 years of her life with Suling and had never been around another cat and was devastated. We waited a year and then got two kittens and she is very happy with the arrangement. Of course, all cats are different so you never know how one will react just because another one did it that way.

Good luck and give Tia lots of love and hugs.

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Thank you very much for your reply i think i will wait im not sure if i could have another cat yet mouse was my furry baby. tia both loved and hated her at times. I hope she comes out of this ok.

Tia doesnt like other cats out side the house so i wasnt sure if its a good idea or not.

Just noticed one of your cats is called deacon my little boy is called deacan but said the same as deacon its a brilliant name!

daynna x
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Yes, it is a brilliant name, isn't it?

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I agree with Helene. Let your cat have the time to get over it.

I'm sorry for your loss.
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