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How about a book club?

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For those who are book lovers (as well as cat lovers!) why not start up a book club and recommend books for each other?
Right now I am reading a book called 'Sullivan's Island' by Dorothea Benton Frank, its darn good and so funny, but at the same time it does touch a nerve. It is about a woman who, after catching hubby in bed with another woman decides to go back to her past in Sullivan's Island in South Carolina. This is my second time in reading this, its just one of those books I can read again and again. I love hearing about other people's recommendations so I can trot off to the library and get the book out and read it for myself. Another book I felt was very good was 'She's come undone'.
So, lets hey, start a book club of our own! Ive always wanted to do that. (c:

Kellye (c:
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We have the Paws and Reflect Forum for all things litterary Perhaps you could start talking about a book club there? I will move this post over there and see if there are any takers. Good luck!
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I'm a book lover, but most of what I read is sci-fi/fantasy, so not many people would like it. But I can most definately reccommend "The Cat Who..." tales by Lillian Jackson Braun!
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Hey, I love sci-fi and fantasy too! I have a lot of the David and Leigh Eddings and Terry Brooks and I just finished reading The Fellowship of the King. Hubby is a avid fan of those books so I got into it so I could have something to talk about with him.
I basically like all kinds of books so Im easy to recommend books to (c:

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Oh yes, I'm a book lover!! But my taste is Classic books and old books, not really into many "modern" books... my fave authors (other than pretty much ALL the classic writers) are Susan Howatch, and Diane Pearson, they both write fantstic books, family dramas from the "olden days" they have everything, love, lust, murder, romance, crime, adventure, everything! I have ALL of Susan Howatches book at the moment, but she is releasing a new one in April, which I'm dying to get my paws on!!
My other loves are all the Bronte sisters work, and Austen.. (and of course, Shakespeare)
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Rhea, I'm really glad Susan Howatch is releasing a new book. I know you can't wait! I enjoy her writing too.

I also like the classics, but I also went through many phases, historical novels, science fiction (in high school), and I like thrillers also. Ludlum, et al. A Literature 101 type course opens our eyes to all the nuances we might otherwise miss, and adds so much to the enjoyment of "literature," rather than the "chewing gum for the mind" we read just to pass time. It lets us in on the secrets great writers use, and what makes them great!
Of course, reading best sellers is still lots of fun. King grabs his readers and doesn't let go, regardless of the criticism he receives. So does Ludlum.
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Ive never read Howatch, which book do you recommend the most to start with? I think I might take a look. The book I recommended, 'Sullivans Island' has scandal, murder, sex etc, so you may like it. It may not be a classic but its worth reading.
I prefer the earlier King books, my favourite all time King book was It, it never ceases to scare me and Tim Curry was great in the movie.
I would love to write a book someday, I have a story in mind, but will need to put it all together so I guess I will need to learn how the great writers do it LOL.
I also love psychological thrillers, that really mess with your mind, and make you think!

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Well the best one I've read of hers is called "The Wheel of Fortune" but be warned, it is LONG!!!! If you want one that isn't as long (still long, but not AS long) try Penmarric or Cashelmara, both are FANTASTIC and you won't be able to put them down!!
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Jeanie, how are you doing with her books lately?? I always forget to ask you!!
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I mostly read fantasy and some sci-fi. I love anything by Mercedes Lackey and Anne McCaffrey.

I am about to start a new series by Diana Marcellas. The 1st book is "Mother Ocean, Daughter Sea". It is a fantasy novel with some possible sci-fi influence.
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I have to put in a vote for King's "The Stand." The book, portraying ultimate good against ultimate evil, "felt" evil. My daughter, who was in college when she read it, put it outside her bedroom door for the night, and took it back it to read it.! She was not an impressionable teenager, but a young adult. That's writing! I consider it the work that could have made King a great author.

I think he has made some bad choices since then to attract high school kids--lots of swearing, etc. I ignore those things, but I'm sorry he feels being a best selling artist is better than being a great writer. Some of his works are so good that he may still be the Edgar A. Poe of the century, however. That's always the question in literature, though, isn't it? Do we write for others or for ourselves? And do we write for money or posterity?

Now, a message from our sponsor!! Our mystery story is good chewing gum for your minds and starts here;


Our heroine is sitting on the porch contemplating the stars. It's almost finished. There is one very short little story and one short mystery immediatedly preceding it. (NaH! We're not the sponsors. We just have fun. We have lots of readers though.)
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Shameless, Jeanie! Absolutely shameless! LOL

I'm an avid reader, too, but what I usually read isn't palatable by many. Usually I read True Crime, especially about serial killers, and anything I can find about forensics and profiling. John Douglas is my absolute favorite author in that genre. He was one of the founders of Criminal Profiliing in the FBI and has written some great books on his experiences.

Right now I'm reading Anne Rice's new book Blackwood Farm. I'm not all that far into it, but I really like it so far. Her last few Vampire Chronicles books have felt rushed and not well thought out, but this one does have more of her original feel. What is really interesting is that she is incorporating the Mayfair Witches into the story. She kind of did that with Merrick, but only because Merrick was a Mayfair as well as Talamasca.
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Heidi...Iv'e never been much of an Anne Rice reader, except for the Mayfair witches series, which I LOVED..although by Taltos...I thought it was getting old. A lady at work has her newest one that you are talking about...(with the witches included) and has offered to loan it to me....if you say it is good, I will take her up on the offer!!!

I don't know what kinds of books you all like...but if I could recommend two, I would HIGHLY recommend the one Hissy recommended to me a year or so ago..."Intensity" by Dean Koontz, it is one of the books I will never forget...and also...

Ride the Wind...by Lucia St. Clair Robson. (I PROMISE you won't be disappointed with this one!!!!!!!!!!!)
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I read "Intensity" also, Debbie, and then saw the movie. He writes suspense novels very well. Anyone who likes Steven King will like Koontz.
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Jeanie...I didn't even realize there was a movie of it!!! I will have to look for that!!!!
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Debby -

What is Ride the Wind about? I just wanted a brief description, please. So it won't give away the whole thing for everybody. I also love reading and am fairly eclectic in my tastes (I'll read anything I can get my hands on) and have quite a library of books - I'll probably never get a chance to read them all.

Sullivan's Island sounds pretty good to me Kellye, I'll have to get that one and check it out.

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Sandi...Ride the Wind is actually a true story...it touched my heart so much and is one of those books that not only can you not put down, but also haunts you long after....it is about a woman who was captured by indians as a small child and raised as one of their own.

It takes you through the horror of it, then the wonder of it...she goes from fear to love...but of course it takes awhile....it is very touching what she went through. She was a very brave woman.
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Debbie, I think "Intensity" was a made-for-tv movie. I'm not positive, but I believe so.
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Have to say, I read Intensity last year, and I thought it was OK, I didn't love it as much as some of you though, I also read another of Koontz's books - Winter Moon, that was ok too, but to be honest, I just wanted them to finish!! I agree he writes well, but his style is difficult for me to "get into" I found (for me personally) that he spends too long describing things that don't really matter and then skips over the important bits.. if that makes sense??
I would read others of his, but they wouldn't be my first choice. I guess though its probably just due to the fact that I don't really like sci-fi! :laughing:

Debby, Ride the Wind sounds intersting .. Hmmm maybe a book to add to my collection?!?!
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I am almost finished with Sullivan's Island, and I am trying to figure out which book to read next in my bookshelf. Hubby reads a lot of fantasy and so I thought I might read one of them, but I cant decide on which series to start with - he has almost all of the David and Leigh Eddings and the Terry Brooks books - anyone who is a fantasy buff, can you help me decide which book to start with?

The Shannara Trilogy
Elenium Trilogy
The Belgariad
The Malloreon


(totally different)

The Seventh Scroll (Wilbur Smith)

I might read Tandia and The Power of One when I am in the mood.
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Thanks for the info Debby, I'm planning on reading it really soon, as well as Sullivan's Island.

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Hello. I just wanted to recommend a really good book I just got done reading. It is called The Loop and is by Nicholas Evans. He is also the author of The Horse Whisperer, the book that the movie was based off of.

The loop is a very good book if you like books dealing with animals. It is about ranch life in Montana dealing with wolves. I won't go into really any detail for it might spoil the plot. It has a love story interwoven into it and really makes for interesting reading. It is really a page turner. I couldn't put it down. It is based on real facts too. It's not a true story but most of the details about how they delt with the wolves are true.

Let me know how ya like it if you decide to read it.

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I read the Loop also. I found it entralling and I couldnt put it down either, and it also saddened me what they did - I wont go into details and ruin it for others.
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Hmm "The Loop" sounds intersting, I'll keep an eye out for that one too!!
The book I'm reading at the moment is called Csardas (pro Shar-dash apparently!?!?) by Diane Pearson, I've almost finished it and I don't want it to end!! Its a fabulous book and I highly recommend it
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Has anyone read Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold. I have heard rave reviews but I would rather hear from someone who has actually read it, so I know whether to get it or not.
What is Csardas about bodlover?
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I have heard great reviews about that book too, but haven't read it

Csardas is about Russia/Hungary/etc etc during the wars, I know I know - as sson as I hear "about the war" I think its going to suck.. but this book is fantastic - it even made me cry!!! (I gotta stop reading it at work!! :laughing: )
Its another "got everything" kinda book... love, betrayal, murder, revenge, crises etc etc etc, the story folloes the life and trials of a rich family of nobility, their triumphs and downfalls, their loves and losses, everything, its really engrossing
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Ohh sounds interesting!
I just finished Sullivan's Island, and so I am going to start reading 'The Seventh Scroll' by Wilbur Smith. I have read it before but it was so good that I have decided to read it again - its about a man and a woman (typical) who are looking for the seventh scroll and have to solve those puzzles created by an ancient egyptian to protect them and at the same time they are being followed by baddies. A typical Wilbur Smith book, but I dont normally read them - my aunt recommended it, and I thought it was going to be boring but it hooked me right in.

Another recommendation I would like to make, my very very favourite book in the whole wide world, 'Boy's Life' by Robert McCammon, its so darn good, about a boy growing up in Alabama in the 60s. It has the elements of a murder mystery but it is also a coming of age tale (which I love) and the writing is beautiful - it describes the magic of childhood to a tee, I believe that we have that magic in us, but it is taken out of us when we get older, but I like to think that I still have some of it because I think its important.

Kellye (c:
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The Seventh Scroll sounds good!!! I have never even thought about reading a Wilbur Smith book before, I've heard of him but just (possibly mistakenly) assumed I wouldn't like the kind of stories he writes... maybe I shall stand corrected when I read it!!
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Jeanie, The Stand is my favorite Stephen King novel, too. Although I really liked The Dead Zone and Hearts in Atlantis, too.

I love books! I just read The Red Tent by Anita Diamant, it's a retelling of the life of Dinah, the daughter of Leah and Jacob in the Bible. Excellent story, and very empowering.

I haven't read much in the fantasy realm, but I love Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time series. I am now in book 8, after struggling through the end of book 7. I also liked Philip Pullman's His Dark Materials trilogy (The Golden Compass, The Subtle Knife and The Amber Spyglass). They're written for teens, but they are really good books.

Another favorite is Winter Dance, by Gary Paulsen. It's about his experiences running the Iditarod and how he trained his dogs. Some really hilarious moments in that one.

I also love Anne Rice, guess I will put her new book on my Christmas list!
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I love to read epic stories. Tolkien is my all time favorite author, but I also love Frank Herbert. I'm reading the fifth book in the "Dune" series right now and it's fantastic! It's got sociopolitical intrigue as well as fascinating insights into the nature of religion. It's an epic that spans thousands of years.
Also, I like Stephen King. I used to read him all the time, but I had to stop. I have some pretty severe phobias, and Stephen King, as great of a writer as he is, isn't good for me to read. I've read Koontz, too, but I didn't like him as much as Stephen King.
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