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Help With Fixed Male

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Hi there everyone

I have a question for you guys. Our older male kitty is 13, his name is Bugsy he was fixed when he was 6 months old.
We've never ever had a problem with him spraying, its something he's never done in the past or recently, that we've seen.

Recently some new neighbours have moved in across the street and have been accusing our cat of spraying in her garden, and on thier porch. She claims to have never seen him do it, but assumes its Bugsy.
Now she has told other neighbours and they think hes sparying thier houses as well. For all these people it is just based on assumption, no one has whitnessed him doing it, there are other cats in the neighbourhood.

Is it possible that he can stiill spray?? leaving an odor that can ruin thier belongings.
Please help! we dont want to have any trouble with our neighbours, and we love our kitty.

thank you!!
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Have I posted this in the wrong area?

any help at all would be appreciated!!! we jus really want to know if its still possible for him to spray...

thanks everyone!!!!!!
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I know of a few cats that only spray when outdoors, never inside so I guess it can happen.

I think a neutered cats spray would have less odour than an intact cat.
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It is technically possible but not at all probable. Occasionally, vets don't do a complete job when they neuter animals but the likelihood of that happening to your cat when you've never noticed it indoors is small. I might try keeping him in for a while. When you neighbor accuses him tell them you've made him an indoor cat. My uncle was in a similar situation once and this worked for him.
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Neutered cats can spray. I agree that it's unlikely in the case of Bugsy, though.

I would keep him indoors, at least for awhile. Angry neighbors can do very terrible things.
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Yeah, keep him inside. While I have cats and dogs, none are allowed to roam the neighborhood - and I really don't like other neighbors letting their pets run unsupervised.

ALL cats can and do mark territory at times - neutered/spayed or not
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Thank you so much for all your help!!!!!!
We 've been keeping him indoors mostly anyway, sinces hes arthritic and cant walk or jump as well as he used to.

I really appreciate all of your responses! this site really lets you know you arent alone!
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