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Need some good JuJu-vibes

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Without going into too much detail (as I believe I'll jinx my chances), I need some good juju sent my way... here's the 'fuzzy' details:

Ever since moving to Oregon nearly a year ago, I have been hunting for a good full time gig in the field I want to be in. It's a hard field to get into, especially in my particular county (some of you know what this work is). I got a PT job in this field in another county, a hefty drive three days a week. (I'm currently doing the retail job, with hours cut back, and this other job, in the field i want.) Soon after starting at my current job in this area, I applied for another one in the same county I currently work in. Didn't get it. C'est la Vie, right? Now, my resident county is like the :censor::censor::censor::censor::censor::censor::censor:' Fort Knox of jobs in this field. So, I've been checking at least once a week for a year... to no avail.

Until this last week.

I checked early in the week, nothing... okay, that's normal. So, on Friday morning, I check again, just for the heck of it... guess what? THERE'S POSTINGS!!!!! Holy Frijoles, WTHeck?!?!?! Not only one position available but three, plus some on-call options. One of the options is a full 40 hours a week. Starting at a decent pay range (i.e. more than i currently make). So, I apply. Got my email confirmation that they received the app.

Here's where it gets weird: Saturday morning, I check it to just look at the listing... it's not there. (cue: Twilight Zone theme). The only thing i can think of is that they got SOOOOO many applications in a matter of days that they pulled the listing when they felt they had enough.

Fate, I tell ya. I have to get an interview with my resident county. I really, really, REALLY want the 40 hour/week job. See, with what I currently make, I'm still not able to fully stand on my own two feet financially. I NEED this job to do just that.

So, I'm asking for major juju vibes... light some candles, pray to whomever you pray to, etc...
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I've got it all comin' at ya! I really hope you get this job!!!
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Major mojo on the way!
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MAJOR vibes being sent your way!!!
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MEGA vibes coming at'cha!!!
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Thanks, everyone. I'm on edge right now because every time my phone rings, I pick it up... I just cancelled my newspaper subscription, because i have no time to read it... and they called again, to find out why... so I explained it again... so, maybe they'll stop calling... now I'm waiting for the county to call...

but of course, my mind goes into overdrive... what if i just get a rejection letter?? it's not like I'm not qualified... heck I'm currently working in this field, and worked for over a year in it before... and they only require 6 months of previous exp. doing this job... got that!!! so they'd be insane for not calling me in for an interview...

Have a cat on my lap... well, have Jack on my lap... and he's stretched his neck out over my wrist, so I can't move my right arm very well... better stop typing... he's such a weirdo... he opened my closet doors this morning, chirping all the while...

Gotta go get something accomplished before heading to work...
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Good luck! I will send get the job vibes your way!
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