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Outside on harness

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I have started taking Willie out on a harness. I have a few worries though. One would be when he sees squirrels and birds and decides he wants to try to hunt it should I hold him back or run with him? If he squirrel goes up a tree how do I stop Willie from running up the tree? Can I let Willie climb the tree a little? If something spooks him and he starts to run how should i handle him? And any other tips you can give on taking him out. Also how can I get him to associate the leash with outside and not the door?
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also what signs should I look for that he is nervous or scared? His tail wags and he has wide eyes but I think that is just due to the mental stimulation and new stuff.
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If you run with him be prepared for a dodge or a sudden stop. I've nearly run over my cats a few times while we were running.

As far as your questions, I think they're all something you have to play by ear. You know your cat better than anyone else. What I like to do is to keep a short leash, with the extra looped around my hand. I can control the cat better with the short leash and if he takes off, I can let the extra length out. One of those retractable leashes might work even better, but I don't have one so I couldn't tell.
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Well IMO I would not be taking him outside. But that's me. My first cat Mitten was indoor/outdoor, but he had a lot more freedom and supervision without the harness. he'd chase squirrels (caught a few) but would not really climb the tree to get them - he'd catch them BEFORE they made it to the tree. He'd stalk birds, rabbits, etc. and I would just watch him.

He was an exceptional cat as he listened to me for coming when I called him.

You can either let him loose to stalk the animals, or just walk him around and stop him from chasing things.
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I take my cat out on a harness and I have a flexi leash that can extend out to around 12 feet.

It works really well for us now. I let Nikita climb up into a tree a bit but I stop her from going higher than where I could easily pick her out of the tree myself (if she got stuck or something happened). She has learnt that now and doesn't even try to climb up higher. Same with there's a very low fence seperating the garden belonging to the house I live in from the next door garden and I put a stop on the leash if she tries to go over into the other garden and now she knows she's not allowed there.

As for squirrels etc. odds are that the squirrels will see you and your cat and run off before he can get properly worked up to try to catch them.

I really enjoy taking Nikita out and she really enjoys it as well. She sits still for the harness when I put it on and she has never tried to get out of it when we're outside. She has gotten scared and bolted once while we were outside but the harness and leash held and I was quick at getting to her ands he calmed down quickly.

Make sure your cat is up to date on all vaccines and be prepared to watch for fleas etc. Another really good advice is to take him out always in a cat carrier, never straigth through the door. I do that and I think that's one of the key things that can stop a cat from becoming a door darter. Also it makes trips to the vets much easier since the cat is going into the cat carrier all the time normally.
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That's a really good idea with the carrier and the door. It's too late for my boys, though, as I've been letting the through the door under their own power. I wish I'd though of it or heard about it earlier.
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I'm going to start taking Whisk on walsk and I'm expecting some strange and exicitng times ahead. Normally indoor cats and kittens will be excited by the new things in trees, leaves and people. So expect things to be settle down after a few walks.
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My mom said i can't take him out any more He started walking around the house meowing non stop (until Neko decided to shut him up) because he wanted out. But what do expect from a Siamese cat anyway? So no more outside for Willie, he really enjoyed it though. Plus he bolted out the door and was sitting on the steps when I got home. my Grandpa is living with us so he might have not seen him get out when he opened the door.
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well, it's probably better that you don't let him out if you have a lot of people coming in and out of your house that don't feel comfortable keeping watch on your cat. Stoli meowed and meowed at the beginning but he's fine now. He grew out of it. It's not a permanent thing.

as for the chasing - i run for a bit with stoli but having you run behind your cat can startle them and freak them out too.
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