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I'm finally a kitty mom!

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I got my beautiful kitten, Tubzii, today. I was worried we'd have to catch the bus there as the car had broken down saturday morning, but thankfully a neighbour fixed it for us.
Anyways this is my beautiful, boisterous kitten Tubzii. Hes about 8wks old i think. I got him off a friend whose cat had a litter. He was the only boy in the litter and i fell in love with him a few weeks ago. I hope to get him a friend when hes been neutered so that he has someone to play with.
He is currently sleeping in his cat bed igloo cuddling up with a dog teddy i put in there for him.

^ "No pictures today thank you"^

So theres my new kitten..
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You might want to consider getting him a toy mouse. :p

Seriously, he's very cute!

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Congratulations, your a new mother! He's adorable!
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Awww, how cute is he?! I'm in love!
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Congratulations, he's a doll
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he's very cute, and I can see why you're smitten with your kitten!

I imagine that's what Cricket looked like when she was little, but I missed her kittenhood, we got her as an adult

enjoy all the kitty times.
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Thanks everyone Tubz is saying thank you.. well in his dreams he might.. wonder what he dreams about.. anyways hes snoozing away on my bed.. so cute ^-^

Originally Posted by pee-cleaner View Post
You might want to consider getting him a toy mouse. :p
Hahaha.. .. Well we brought a pack of 4 from the £1 shop so wasnt too bad and he just hasnt had chance to move them around much yet lol.
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aww he is a little stunner - and how lucky is he with all those new toys and stuff to keep him entertained - keep those photos coming
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He's so cute! Those mice are almost as big as he is, lol

I agree! We need more pictures.
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oh my goodness!!!! he is just sooooooo cute!!! and his jet black fur is amazing!!!!! congradulations on your beautiful new kitty!!!!! i hope ya'll have many happy long years together
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Awww! Thanks guys
Yeah i'll try and take some more pictures later when hes actually awake lol. Been sleeping for ages, oh well thats what kitties do ^-^ lol
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What an adorable little black precious he is!! CONGRATULATIONS!
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He is downright adorable! Yes, he is sleeping now so he can be awake while you sleep
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Yup sounds like a typical kitty lol. He woke up for some food and a play and now snoozing in his igloo again lol.
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What a little cutie!
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Thank yooou
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Awww, what a little sweety You must be in love
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What a cute little boy! We need daily picture updates!!!
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Oh he is sooooo cute!!!!
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Awww black kittens are sooooo cute!!! Hes just precious!!!
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Oh i love seeing new kitties!!!!

It's a pity those shiny new mice won't stay shiny and pretty for long lol
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he's so cute. you can see the fluffyness of him through the pics.
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Congratulations He is beautiful.
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Awww! Thanks guys
I'll have to think about the daily picture updates though
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Aww, he's adorable! I love all black cats.
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awe what a gorgeous boy u have there

Congrats on becoming a kittie mom
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He is adorable!!
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aww wot a cute likkul kitty cat!
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