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Sven's acting very strange...

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I'm worried about my 3 year old neutered male cat Sven. He's always been pretty playful, and while not super active, he's always been one to join in a game or come and inspect what's going on around the house at least several times a day. Other than that, and I know this sounds strange, he loves to give kisses on people's noses like a dog would, with his tongue. It's kind of ew but it's just what Sven does.

The past 2 days though, he's been acting really odd. He doesn't want to do anything but lay around, he hasn't wanted to play at all, and isn't even giving his usual 'kisses'. He seems very lethargic, and yet I can't physically see what's wrong.

His appetite is ok - though he did throw up once and dry heaved another time- He is using his litter box like normal from what I could tell from a daily clean out, he isn't drinking any more or less water than usual, he doesn't seem to be in pain, he's acting like he's either depressed or just feels icky. I don't have an exact way to tell his temp, but his ears and nose aren't hot.

It seems these symptoms get worse just after he eats. I'm really worried, he's just not acting like himself at all, and yet there's nothing I can think of or see that's really 'wrong' with him. My other two cats eat the same diet as he does and live exactly the same lifestyle and they're both acting normally.

If he doesn't start acting better by tomorrow (Monday) I'm going to make an appt. to take him in and get him checked out. Since he threw up once and dry heaved another time, and is acting like he feels sick after he eats, could this just be a bad hairball he can't get coughed out?

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I would take him in as soon as I could, just be to sure! This would really worry me. Maybe he got into something that he ought not to have eaten and can't get it out. Try to see the vet tomorrow, and let us know!
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I agree. A vet visit ASAP.
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Let us know what the vet is kinda strange.
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Well, Sven started to vomit up some strange, clear mucus-like stuff, so I called an emergency vet in the area and took him in. He was running a low grade fever of about 103-ish, and his meow, which is usually really loud and clear, was strangled and raspy when we were in the car and he was making noise in his carrier.

The vet thinks he either has a virus of some kind or has gotten something stuck in his throat. He said he is going to sedate Sven so he can get a clear look down his throat while the muscles are relaxed to see if he has eaten something that got caught in there. If that's not the problem, he is going to run some tests to see if he's got a virus of some kind going on. I will know tomorrow morning what is up, the vet wanted to keep him overnight to run the tests and for observation.

I hope it's nothing too serious
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Poor Sven! Sounds like you should know soon what is going on. It is great that you got him in so soon Please do let us know what the vet finds.
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Oh poor Sven! Sorry he's under the weather, but I'm glad you got him to the emergency vet. I know you're worried out of your mind. Please keep us posted on how he's doing.

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Poor guy! I went through this recently with ended up being a virus and he recovered after a week of babying him and giving him Pet Tinic 2 x a day...Good Luck!
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Thanks for the well wishing. I called the vet early this morning and the receptionist said he was doing fine, and I could come get him between 3-5pm. She didn't have the complete details about what had made him sick, and only that the vet wanted to keep him a few more hours to make sure he was recovering... so I guess I will get the full details when I get him in a little while. I hardly slept all night I was so worried, but hopefully he'll be on the road to recovery now. It was such an odd change in him so suddenly that it was a bit scary Sven's normally so social and frisky that having him all curled up and getting sick and having a meow like he smoked 3 packs a day for 20 years was really stressful
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Poor guy. Hopefully the vet found the problem. Let us know?
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I'm glad Sven is feeling better and will be back home soon!
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I just got home about 20 minutes ago with Sven. They took some x-rays and did to make sure he didn't have anything in his throat or digestive tract, which he didn't. However the vet, when he looked down his throat, said he saw a lot of mucus and upon further inspection it seems Sven somehow got a rather nasty respiratory infection that was causing mucus to get into his throat and make him even sicker.

So he's on some antiboitics now and we will see how it goes. Hopefully it will clear it up. I'm not sure how he got an infection though, he's an indoor cat only and none of my other cats are showing symptoms, so I'm going to have to try to figure out if there's some change in the house that he might be allergic to. I know we DID change the air fresheners to a different brand that we use in the cat-box room. I wonder if he was allergic to those and what started out as a bit of an allergy turned into an infection :/
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Couple pictures of Sven, he's such a clown, I hate it when he doesn't feel good no kitty this silly deserves to get so sick.

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awwww what a sweet silly guy! Sending lots of get well soon vibes to your clown
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Poor baby!! I'm glad it wasn't anything too serious, and that he's back home and on the road to recovery. Good luck, I hope he gets better and better, and isn't allergic to anything in the house!
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