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What kind of kitten formula should we get?

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Well, Mika snuck out again!!! And I am afraid that she might not come back.. Just a precaution. She came back when she heard her babies crying, but I think we need to get a bottle and milk just in case she doesn't come back when they need fed. So they eat.. She keeps sneaking outside.. But I have no clue where she goes.. I hope she does come back.. I have been feeding her, but I guess she needs a break. But I hope she comes back.. But just in case, we might need to prepare to feed babies. Which I think she will come back. But you never know. Some moms abandon their babies. She is skittish of me now when she is outside... I don't know why.. She is free to roam the house whenever. But its not enough for her, so she says. But please don't get on me, I have been looking for her, to make sure she doesn't get out, but she finds a hiding place so she can get out, and she outsmarts me. And she will do it again! But I think she might be in heat, but I don't know.. I am trying to keep her in. I promise. Because its 12 days after her birth with these three. Could she be in heat? I hope not, but she never gets down in the mating postition when I pet her, but I saw when Hershey sniffed her, she got in the mating position... And my mom said, oh its nothing to worry about. But it is!! She is smart, she isn't stupid. And I don't want her to go out and get pregnant again, and I can't spay her why she is nursing kittens. But I am planning on taking her to the rescue so she will get the needed care. The vet care she needs. But right now, I don't want to take her and her kittens to somewhere they don't know. Because that would stress Mum cat out. And babies. And I don't want to do that. So any info on good kitten formulas just in case? Thank you for reading!
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Are you in the USA or UK? I'd recommend KMR if you are. Cimicat if you are in the UK. Or you could make a home-made version: (http://www.kitten-rescue.com/what_to_feed.html [I don't like to use quite that much mayonnaise, I use 1 tablespoon])
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As for her getting out, if she does mate and become pregnant, you might have to consider having her spayed anyway, as sad as it is. She can be spayed once the kittens are 8 weeks old.
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Worst case scenario - if you can't find KMR, canned goat's milk works fine.

And I agree with Kumbulu - less mayo is better
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That's why you NEED to make absolutely sure that she doesn't wander outside...queens will often become pregnant immediately after having a litter. She very well could be in heat. I would be surprised if she ISN'T pregnant again in the next couple of weeks, Spirita. Many queens go into heat within 48 hours of delivering a litter. Once the babies are 8 weeks, start checking into a low-cost spay/neuter clinic. Sometimes, shelters hold spay and neuter days during the spring and summer, and you could have her done for no more than $10-$15.

Have you ever visited the www.kitten-rescue.com site? It has fabulous info for caring for orphan kittens...check it out!
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Ok, she is back inside. phew! I have my closet door open, and my window open, now she can get fresh air. But I might want to be prepared still! Thank you all!
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