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I got another A

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I just found out I got an A in the one class I was most worried about. I didn't think I did great in that class, and I was hoping to have at least a B+
So no complaints about the A

So, so far, I'm having straight A's

This has been by far the hardest semester, and it might end up being the best one in terms of grades.
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That's wonderful news! Good for you!
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WTG Wormy!

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Oh boy, you are such a keener Marie!! Nice job!
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Way to go !!
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Yey!!!!!!! Way to go!
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Thats awesome! Congrats!!
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Well done! You must be so happy All that hard work paying off!
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You are way to smart!!!! Don't you feel good about the hard out you put in all semester.
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You Smarty Pants
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Thanks everyone

Still waiting for two more grades... but it seems like my final GPA will be over 3.8. That will be enough to apply for grad school funding to the federal and provincial governments... but I don't know if it'll be enough to actually get the funding.
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