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New cat

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Yesterday there was a stray cat in our tree. It took me forever to get it to come down...but I finally did. Poor thing was so hungry!!!! It wasn't afraid of me...well maybe just a little at first...but I coaxed it over to me and petted it, and then even picked it up and she let me hold her. (I checked then, and it's a girl )

She isn't real big, not full grown yet...but not a kitten either. She is grey with peach colored spots. Very pretty! I will have to get a picture! I named her Patches because she looks alot like a cat I had awhile back named Patches who got very sick and died at the vets.

I will have to take her to the vets and also get her spayed soon of course, too. She seems to love the other cats...but is a bit wary of the dogs. Of course I will try to find out if anyone has lost a cat, to make sure someone isn't looking for her. But otherwise I will keep her.
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Sounds very pretty Look forward to seeing some pictures.
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Patches is so lucky to have climbed up your tree Debby!!! Thank you for rescuing her!
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Aww bless!! Good on you for taking on yet another baby!! Can't wait for the pics!!
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Debby's a mommy again!!!!

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As always, you're an angel!

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Awww thanks for the compliments... but I'm no angel...just did what any cat lover would have done!!!

She seems very happy here!!! She rubs on my legs and purrs...I think she was dumped out, which makes me so mad...poor thing...but I told her not to worry ever again...she will have a home forever!!!
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god bless you!
if only there were more people like you!
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Great news, Debby! You are truly an angel! Congratulations on your new addition. I'm also anxiously awaiting pictures. Sounds like a little doll. Adorable name, too, by the way.

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Congrats on the new arrival! Nothing like a new little bit of fur to cheer up a day! You are a sweetheart for taking Patches in.
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Congrats on being a new mommy again! Patches definitely climbed the right tree, and knew exactly who to come to.
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