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taking fluffy to the vets

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iv just checked on her and there was a tiny amount of GREEN mucus so iv phoned the EM vets and theve told me to bring her in.
i will update when i come back.
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aww heck, hope all is OK - keep us posted !
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Hope all is Ok. Take care
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ok im back , and there telling me im worrying over NOTHING , they can not see this so called green mucus (it was there just a small amount that i wiped away) its now back to being brownish red in colour. they checked her temp which was 99.9 . they have said there is no signs of infection atall , but she is due any day now. they can still fill about 4 kittens and all seem to be moving ok. i have also found out why she didnt want to nest in any of the places i had set up for her . she dosnt like the blankets in there , so today iv taken them all out and shes now using the couburd again. she is very restless could be because of being to the vets but she was like it before we left. and she will be laying there and all of a sudden will do a sort of meow then change postions. so i dont think it will be to much longer.

im just glad the new vets iv started going to has an EM as its only about 10 mins away by car.
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Good that they seem to think she's OK.
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oh Tasha, I'm pleased sweet Fluffy is OK; but you did the right thing getting her checked over - so we could have some news soon
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hopefully yes. i cant go through no more dramas and i think fluffy is getting fed up with the vet vists.
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It's a bit like when you know there is something wrong with your cat's ear because they are shaking and tilting their head. So you take them to the vet and they don't do either and act fine.
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oh yes i know that one. and its the same with a child , iv taken my children to a doctor many a times because hey have been unwell , we will get there and they act perfectly fine.
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Glad everything looks Ok
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i think the worst thing about this pregnancy is since iv found out she was pregnant , she has had uti's and i just cant get that niggly feeling out of my head , but at the same time i dont know if its becasue iv raised her since she was only 4 weeks old who hadnt been weened now could go to the toilet on her own. so i think im worrying like i would if it was one of my children ( who btw have many years to go before any of that!!!)
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well her vulva seems bit swollown then normal , no more discharge at the moment. still very restless.
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Any news on fluffy? How is she doing? Any kittens yet?
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she is going fine , no kittens yet.
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*being patient*
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Oh im so glad fluffy is ok. Hopefully the poor baby wont have too much more to go through before these babies arrive all well and healthy.

Will keep my fingers crossed for you.

Emma x x
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Thank goodness Fluffy is ok. Keep us updated.
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Morning Tasha,

How is Fluffy getting along today?

Emma x x
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Baby Patrol checking in.................give that mum some gentle tummy rubs from us
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still a slight discharge , no nesting as yet , she will either lay on the window sill in my bedroom or go into the coupurd in my room. either her or anne had some dierrea this morning , so not sure who that was . im just gonna keep an eye on them both. thanx for checking in.
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Thank you for the update.
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forgot to add , her milk has come in
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