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New pics of my girls

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Here are some more recent pics of my girls

Molly, 14, playing wtih the 50p toy Auntie Sarah (Sar) bought for her - she didn't like playing before she got this toy, and now it doesn't matter how asleep she is, she will play!! I love seeing her play more than the others, as when I got her 17 months ago, we didn't think she had long left, but it turns out she was depressed.

Then we have Tiger, 13, enjoying the sun in my neighbours garden. It is lovely watching her too, as if my vets receptionists werent as good as they are, she would have been pts last August. He couldn't stroke her, but I manage the odd stroke from time to time, you just have to catch her at the right time and know when to stop, but to watch her lift her tail up when you call her is wonderful, as much as she doesn't like people, she obviously loves me. Also, this pic wasn't taken with a zoom!!

Not taken any pics of the fosters, will try and do that this weekend.
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That picture of Tiger is so lovely. I'm so glad Auntie Sarah got your Molly a toy she likes.
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Molly looks so happy with her toy
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Thanks folks - I love that pic of Tiger too, and I love to see Molly play, she even instigates it herself rather than wait for me!!
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well, I say you do good to intice her to play. I can't get my cats to play with toys, they even run from catnip. we had our landscaping done, and they put in catmint for the cats, but they don't even go near it. goofy cats...
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She was like that before - although she did like Sar's catnip toys too!! Tigers fav toy at the moment is a piece of ribbon!! At their ages, i do like them to have a gentle play every day - before Molly got this toy, she would play with her own tail!! Still does actually.
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great photos - a kitty enjoying a toy and a kitty enjoying the sun - two of the best cat activities going apart from sleeping of course
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your kitties are just lovely!!!!!!
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Cheers guys.
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Great photos Tiggy looks very content
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Great pics Tiggy reminds me of my Joey
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Cute pics. Great that Molly found a toy she likes, and Tiggy is so comfortable out in the garden.
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even old girls wanna have fun!! Great pics
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Aww, I just love Tiger and Molly. It's so wonderful to see older kitties getting adopted and enjoying life again. They're just beautiful, bless them and you!
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Thanks folks, I love seeing my oldies enjoying life, knowing what their outcome could be - as hard as it is at times to adopt oldies, times like this are the ones that make it all worthwhile, knowing that they are happy, and loved, and that is what they deserve - and having pics like this will help when that time comes.
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awe ur kitties are both so gorgeous and precious

THey def look very very happy
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Aww I think there is something enchanting about seeing kitties in the grass

Makes me almost feel bad for keeping my kitties in but I know they wouldn't last five
minutes where I live......Oh.... I'll just keep looking for that place in the country

Desley I think you should start a kitties in the grass thread,I know mine won't be
in the wild but they do like to get into the ' homegrown' grass and NO I don't
mean that kind of grass
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Thanks guys - if I had time, I would do something like that, but am hectic at the moment with 6 of them and other commitments!! Hoping next week will be easier!!
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