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Newbie Question

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Hi all, I've loved reading posts by members for the past few months but haven't posted yet as I've found all my questions answered in the forum by others. I now do have something I need ya'll help with. I'm a new pet owner, and I have a lovely pretty little tabby calico mix about 1.5 yrs old. I adopted Kallie and just got her booster shot about a week ago. I just noticed tonight that she has a little brown spot that wasn't there under her chin. I thought it was dirt so I went and got a wet towel and she was sweet enough to let me scrub a little, but it didn't come off. Now I'm afraid it might be something but it could be as little as her coloring, the vet's closed on Sunday and I'm just concerned. Can anyone tell me what that could be? It looks like it's on her chin, like under and on her fur. She's white under the chin and it looks like a little mole. I have never had an animal much less a cat and I love her so much already it's just her and I so I was hoping someone can shed some light on that? Can cats change color at this age? She's been shedding a lot but I think it's just the weather, and I've been switching her diet because of the recalls but she's done really well so far, she did lose about .5 pounds but I think it's because of the high protein EVO that she is on now. Thank you!!
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Hi and welcome to TCS.

I don't think that spot should make you too concerned. It could be one of many things but probably either a little bit of feline acne or, as you said, just part of her colouring. I have two calicos, both of whom I have tried to wipe away a spot, only to realise it's supposed to be there LOL.

If it is feline acne, you can change the bowls she uses to ceramic or metal, as they don't harbour bacteria like plastic bowls sometimes can.
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Originally Posted by odajennys View Post
I have never had an animal much less a cat and I love her so much already
ahhhhh these critters know exactly how to worm their way into our hearts dont they!! welcome to TCS and to cat ownership - sure to hope you will post more so we can get to know you better

I was going to say the same thing as Tania. It sounds like it could be feline acne. Do you use plastic bowls?

If not, could you maybe take a photo? maybe we could advise better if we saw what you were talking about?
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