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holding baby kittens yes or no

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I have heard that you are not supposed to hold kittens until they are older but I have never believed that I have always held my kittens from the time they are a few minutes old, only about 2 or 3 seconds a day at first then a little longer each day, and I have had no problems with them, actualy they grow up to be very tame, the other day I brought one of my cats to the park on his leash and he was'nt even fazed by the little kids wanting to pet him, one of the parents even commented on how calm he was, what is your opinion, when should kittens be held.
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Thats interesting How many kittens have you had altogether?

It sounds like they grew up to be well adjusted little ones
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I have had a number of kittens since I was a kid, I am now 33 so I can't really remember how many.
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Provided that it doesn't bother the mother cat too much and it's an adult or responsible child holding the kittens, there's nothing wrong with it. And it does make for very well adjusted kittens, they get used to your scent very early on.
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The cat's behavior towards people depends on their experience with them or the way their mommy cat teaches them about people and not whether when they've been held as kittens or not. By people I mean like those in your example - strangers.
I've had nasty moms with nasty kittens and friendly loving ones from moms with the same temperament. I've had orphans with different attitudes towards humans even though I've raised them with equal care, the difference was in the circumstances they were rescued - some abused, some not.
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What everyone else said (i haven't been on a couple of days) as long as the mother is ok, and not acting hostile towards you, a little handling from birth is ok. But of course yoyu already know that it's important they stay with mummy. I know alot of family members and friends might ask to hold them, but i think it's best to wait till they are older. If the mum is used to you, she might not like anyone else.
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