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What food's get your kitties approval?

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Tomorrow or Monday I will be going to a specialty pet store. They only sell natural ingredients, with NO byproducts; that also Contains no known unsafe preservatives. So, that sounds good on it's own. Therefore, I was thinking it probably wouldn't matter what I would get for my cat. Since everything is suppose to be of great quality.

However, I've been considering more so to get Merricks and I wanted to know does it get's your kitty approval or what cat foods are usually a hit for your kitties as far as quality and of course TASTE (even though any of you wouldn't personally know about the taste).
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merrick is a good food ... it is in my rotation, which for recall reasons got really changed ...
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Well I guess I’ll get a variety of foods from different manufactures for recall reasons.
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My cats don't like Merricks. I haven't found any of the flavors that they will eat.
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samples would probably be the most helpful, since many cats are so particular.. what works for one may not work for another.

for dry foods, my cats like wellness indoor cat, California naturals chicken & brown rice and finally nutro natural choice indoor care, my one also nibbles a tad at my orijen.

good luck.
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My cats really like the Merricks. I have heard mixed reviews on the kitty taste tests from others, like Misty said. But mine eat it up, if that's encouraging!
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I switched all 3 of my cats from Purina One to Castor & Pollinex and finally to Innova Evo for dry food. The Castor & Pollinex did not agree with someone's tummy. I am still working on the wet food change. I tried Merrick wet but it was messing up their tummies. I am going to try Wellness or Innova Evo wet next. The natural pet food store I shop at will allow you to return the food and exchange it if for something else if your kitty does not like it or it upsets their tummy. Remeber to do the dry food change slowly. Also be careful changing dry and wet food at the same time. Good for you for switching to better food. I have noticed since switching to EVO that they go through their food slower too.
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My cats had been eating Nutro and now I no longer trust them and the last bag I purchased smelled nasty so into the garbage it went.
They are eating a mix of Felidae, California Natural, and Life's Abundance by Healthy Pet Net. They love them all. I had some samples of Nature's Logic and one of my furry friends loves it while the other is not interested so it does not make the cut, which is fine with me because on of the ingredients is animal plasma and that just creeps me out.
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Thanks everyone for their suggestions and I welcome many more.
My cat seems to have gotten a little finicky he used to not be that way but I also use to give him a variety of different foods but for the last two months he’s been pretty much getting the same thing. So, maybe that created the finickiness. I just got done giving him some cooked chicken and rice and he was a little apprehensive but then I gave him a few strokes down his back/sat down with him and he began eating it, he ate most of it and I’ve also previously gave him sardines in olive oil about a week ago and he was acting really strange about it and he really likes olive oil and a bunch of different other oils.

And my mom will be taking me to the pet store I mention tomorrow (if she doesn't change her mind becuase of the gas) and since his new found sketchiness I was concern about what foods are well liked by other cats and yeah I am aware of cat’s individual taste buds.

And Pamalajane- Completely understood. Animal Plasma? Very Strange. Never would have expected to see that listed in a pet food.
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I've tried Merricks in the past and Sash didn't seem to care for it, I might try some other flavors again. Premium brands (canned) he really likes are Natural Balance, PetGuard, Evangers, Eagle Pack, Wellness. Dry foods that he loves are Eagle Pack, Natural Balance and now Natures' Variety Raw Instincts.
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I guess I'll get Wellness (since they are use Menu foods I wasn't sure about getting them) and Pet Guard. I've given my cat Wellness and Pet Guard in the past and he responed well to both.

So, I'll probably get that and a few other cans of cat food from various other brands but a few from each of them to see if he likes it first.
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I'm currently feeding my cats canned Wellness and Natural Balance. I use only grain and fish free flavors. They like both but seem to favor Natural Balance.

I did try Merrick and they liked it at first. After a few weeks they gradually decided they didn't like it. The first flavor they rejected was Cowboy Cookout and then the turkey and chicken flavors. I may wait a bit longer and try again.

Good luck finding foods your kitty will enjoy.
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Our cats don't seem to be very picky, so aside from Wellness being their #1, they'll eat pretty much anything it seems. They respond well to Eagle Pack Holistic, Merrick, and Nature's Variety Prairie. They don't seem to mind the Felidae wet either.
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My kitties like most of the Merricks, but I can't feed it more than two days in a row or they'll turn it down. We tried Eagle Pack Holistic this weekend and that was a success. We've had a 50/50 result on the By Nature pouches. They also like Pet Guard and Innova wet, but I can't give them too much of the innova because it will upset Bella's tummy. Stanley seems to have an iron stomach.

They like Royal Canin and Eagle Pack dry. I tried Felidae, but they only ate it when it was mixed with the RC. Once I phased out the RC, they turned up their noses at the straight Felidae dry.
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I just want to pass out some thanks to all who commented.

I've already been to the store And I got some dry food by Chicken Soup for the cat lover's soul, Felidae and Premium Edge (this is what he was eating at the pet store before I got him, so I just thought it would be a good idea to get it) and of wet food I mostly got Wellness and a few cans of Merricks and Solid Gold.

And when I got home I was busy trying to open up the laser light toy I also got today and he was in the other room opening up the bag of the chicken soup for the cat lover's soul and EATING it.
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