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Hey you do realise that $50.00 in American money is about $100 Aussie?

So where are we going for lunch????
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They look so beautiful together!
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Love the pics of your beautiful babies!! That first one of Orion makes him look like a vampire cat! LOL
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sweet pics! I can't get enough of kitty pics. Love seeing everyones cats. They have so much personality!
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What adorable pictures!!! Keep 'em coming!!!
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Thanks everyone. I'm really glad you enjoy the pictures. It's great having a decent digital camera finally. I've been cutting sick with taking photos so there will be lots more to come...LOL

LOL Leslie...wherever you like
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Leslie, what beautiful cats you have! Do they always sit in front of the computer like that?

Do they have a favorite site?
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I'm Louise...but you're right Leslie has beautiful cats too...hehe
Yep if I'm on the computer then they both want to be here as well.
Any site that has cats seems to be good for them
They do like moving things on the screen and sound too though...lol
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I Love seeing the pictures of everybody's sweet cats. Boy, that first pic is funny - looks like a vampire - or like a wicked smile. Very cute!!! And what beautiful sleek coats they have.

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Hehe sorry I always get you two mixed up.
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