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Did Anyone Else Watch

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THE KENTUCKY DERBY? It was pretty good , even though neither of the horses I picked won.
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Yes I watched it. I'm a huge horse racing enthusiast. My pick didn't win either. But Street Sense did make a remarkable run, he deserved the win.
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Street Sense BROKE the Juvie Jinx! No horse who's won either of the Breeders' Cup Juvenile races (BC Juvenile or BC Juvenile Fillies) has gone on to win the Derby. After winning the Juvenile race, though, the winner is always automatically the new favorite for the Derby. But along the way, the horse will turn out to simply be an early bloomer, or he'll be knocked out of the Derby contention because of an injury, or whatever. The first Breeders' Cup was run in 1984, and that's when the Jinx started, but no 2yo Eclipse Award winner has won the Derby since Spectacular Bid in 1979 either.

So I didn't expect Street Sense to win, but he DID, and that's just awesome! Now there's a chance for all the future Juvenile winners! Before the race, I wasn't actually all that enthusiastic; I wasn't attached to any one horse. It was just another race, but full of history so I might as well watch it anyways. But it was a race that, after the race is run, it's just so obvious that the winner was the best horse of the day (and why the heck didn't I bet him?? lol). I didn't think much of any of the horses in the morning, but in the afternoon, after the race was run, I was suddenly thinking that if we ever have a Triple Crown winner again (last was Affirmed back in 1978), Street Sense is our best chance. Not only is he a jinx-breaker, lol, but he has a lot of talent. His jock, Calvin Borel, is going to have to watch out, though, because he's nicknamed Calvin Bo-Rail (because he loves the rail so much), so in the Preakness and Belmont, all the other jocks are going to be watching for him and won't make things easy, boxing him in at the rail and such. I think he got away with such an easy ride in the Derby because he was back in 19th place early on, so the other jocks probably didn't think he had much of a chance to pull off the win. They won't think the same thing in 2 weeks, lol
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I hadn't paid much attention this year, still sad over Barbaro, but I did watch and it was an awesome come from the back win! I give a lot of credit to the number 2 horse, who led almost the entire race and was still several lengths ahead of the rest at the wire. He too had an awesome race.

Going to be interesting at the Preakness!
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I watched and of course the horse I picked (half blind/grey) Storm in May didn't win, but it was a good race. Looking forward to the Preakness.
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