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lazy cricket

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my sweetie, got her when she was two, she's four now. came in for a little nap...
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what a pretty girl!!!!!
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thanks, she's a good girl too. never gives me any trouble.
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Just saw that you had two cats! She looks so mysterious! I love her eyes! She looks like a sweetheart.
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thanks, we got her when her original owner moved and couldn't take her with...she had just given birth to four kittens and my friend fostered her, finding homes for all the babies, but nobody wanted the momma, so we got her spayed and we took her. I'm glad we've got her.
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I'm so glad you took her. She looks so happy!
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she is extremely content here. the problem the original owner had with her was that she refused to stay in the house. She lived on the roadway. We live back a private road on a farm, so Cricket is safe to go out and come in when she wants, and no traffic to dodge.
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That's good, but is there anyway of keeping her stictly indoors? I'd hate to have her get hurt even though it is a private road.
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Originally Posted by Duchess15 View Post
That's good, but is there anyway of keeping her stictly indoors? I'd hate to have her get hurt even though it is a private road.
no, she'd go completely nuts if I tried to keep her in all the time. Tigger is outside too, he won't come in at all, even when I bring him in, he freaks and runs into the glass doors trying to get out. He's 11 now, and never had any problem being out. We have a rescue here in our area that specializes in what they call "barn cats" cause they just need to be out I guess.
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That's good. Well, I hope that nothing happens to them when they are out. They just look so happy.
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She is lovely! She looks very happy and those eyes! It can be difficult to get good photos of black cats but you did great!
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What a pretty girl! She looks so comfy
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She's very beautiful!
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She looks sooooo comfy, what a cutie pie though
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she looks all mysterious there, such a sweetie
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Cricket is a lot of fun, she's got a lot of personality, but in a sweet way. As an example: my best friends daughter, who is five, will run up to Cricket to get her and if Cricket even looks like she's going to move, she will say, "don't you dare move away" and would you believe that Cricket will sit right there and let her pack her all over the place? And she has her real spoiled, whenever Cricket hears her voice here, she comes running for her attention. I figure if C didn't like it, she would avoid kids. But she never has.
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She's so pretty
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Oh that is a gorgeous picture of Cricket It's very difficult to get a great shot of
black kitties but that is great
You can see her beauty very clearly
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