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A healthier Looking Cammie

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She looks so much better and now I can't feel those little bones anymore I think she goes back next week for Kidney Values and I hope there as good as last time

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aww she look soo much better!!!!!! you are taking such great care of her!!! what a pretty girl!!
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Yay for getting better

She does look much better
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Yay Cammie!!! Isn't it wonderful what TLC can do for our cats?
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Such beautiful eyes. You are doing a wonderful job with her.
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She does look better and I hope they the value come out on the good side!
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She's beautiful and looks very healthy! I love her black eye liner
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she is gorgeous and certainly doesn't look like a kidney problem cat. Beatiful coat. that her bloodwork looks as good as she does!
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Cammie I am so glad u are feeling better u look so GREAT

She is just soooo GORGEOUS, and those eyes What a cutie pie
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she is such an adorable girl her eyes are so exotic give that fluffy chin some scritches from us

hope all goes well for her next check-up
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She's such a pretty girl!
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I just LOVE her, she's a living doll
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She is looking great
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My heavens, what a gorgeous girl! Love those eyes!
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Awwwwwwww what a beautiful girl she is. I am so glad to hear she is feeling better, too. Big hugs to you both
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Glad she's still doing better, Lois. She sure looks good.
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