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Pepper and Bella photos!

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I thought I'd share some pics of my kitten Pepper and my great dane Bella. We just rescued Pepper a week ago, and he's our first cat ever! I've always been a "dog person" but in just a week this little guy has made me want tons of cats in my home! He has more personality than you can imagine, all packed into such a tiny little boy!

Teaching Bella and him to be friends has been quite a trip too! Bella weighs about 115lbs and Pepper is about 5 lbs (all fur!) and they are extremely entertaining together! The first few days were rough for all of us, but they are quickly becoming pals. Bella is so curious about him still and constantly wants to sniff and "play" with him, but he's so friendly and outgoing and tolerant and brave too!!

Ok less talk, more pics! Enjoy!
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Pepper and Bella "playing"
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Bella and Pepper
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Bella and Pepper (again!)
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Pepper being brave exploring Bella's crate while she's outside
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so sweet!!
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Great pics! Thanks for sharing them with us
Bella and Pepper are both beautiful. It would definitely be an interesting experience to get such a big dog and such a small kitty to get used to living together. Looks like they are now though, so well done!
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What great pictures!!!! Bella is such a beautiful dog!!!! And Pepper is a very pretty little kitty!!! I'm so glad to hear they are getting along well!!! It is nice that they will be able to keep each other company when you aren't there. They look like they are on the way to becoming very good friends!!! Keep us posted!
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I had fun looking at the pictures! Thanks!
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Oh WOW!! What great pics!! Pepper is so cute! And Bella is just gorgeous too!! I LOVE big dogs, the bigger the better for me, I'm sooooo jealous!! I have two BC's aswell as my cats at the mo, so don't think we could fit any more in.. doesn't stop me trying though!! :laughing:

Fantastic pics.... keep 'em coming!!
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Bella is in for it....Pepper is gonna be the boss!!!!
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Rule #1: the kitty is the boss!

My 10-month-old Rowdy rules the roost. Opie is almost 4 and he defers to her. Rowdy has Ike, our 85 lb. Dalmatian, wrapped around her paw.

Rowdy and Pepper know that they are smarter than dogs and can go places that dogs can't reach. They will take full advantage of it!

Have fun with your new baby and hope they don't trash the house!
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"hope they don't trash the house"

Well, this may come true! Bella and Pepper are both VERY playful, and Pepper just is a little brat I tell you (and I mean that in the kindest sense!!! ). Bella tries to be all over Pepper ALL THE TIME. So we spend most of day teaching Bella that she can sniff the kitty and sorta "play" but to be GENTLE. She's slowly learning and Pepper always gives her a swipe or "nibble" if he gets annoyed. BUT. . . .it doesn't help that everytime we get Bella calmed down and she's sleeping, resting or even when we put her in her crate. .. Pepper will come from wherever he was and literally prance across the floor in front of her - hopping and prancing back and forth in front of her, and you can just see the "nah nah come and get me if you can!" look on his face!! It's priceless. But then Bella is up and at him all over again!

I'll have more pics tonight actually - I caught them sleeping on the couch together last night!

And this morning Bella was sleeping in the bed with us (yes, we let our 115lb puppy sleep in the bed with us taking up every available inch of room!!) and Pepper jumped up and approached her and we were curiously watching to see just how brave he is. . . and he creeps up and her tail started twiching a bit, and he POUNCED right on it and bit it!!!! Bella woke up and jumped, and Pepper was under the bed in 2 seconds flat! They're a riot!!

Thanks for listening to my silly stories - it's been a week only and already so much to share!
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Big Kat, you'e not the only one dealing with cat/dog romps. Ike thinks that Rowdy is a chew toy. Despite the size difference, Ike never hurts Rowdy. In fact, she loves playing rough.
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Although Ike gets Rowdy's head in his mouth, Rowdy prefers to go for the other end. Good thing that Ike's already neutered!
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Oh wow it's like we have a mirror household! Wait till tonight when I post the couch sleeping photo - looks just like yours! Ike is beautiful! Rowdy is cute too!

I'm sure it's gets commonplace after a while of having the whole "big dog tiny cat" thing but for us it is still just so much fun, and I am constantly taking pictures of them together (when Bella isn't trying to "eat/play" with Pepper!

Thanks for sharing your photos! Do you have more of them together posted elsewhere on the site??
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I have pix of all of my babies. I'm just not sure where all of them are. The most recent ones are in a thread "More Opie Pix". Rowdy is on a postcard, too. Go to the Cat Site home page and click "Just For Fun 3". Her postcard is captioned "One of These Things is not like the others".

Ike is my second cat-loving Dalmatian. Sometimes, he thinks that he is a cat.
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Well here they are enjoying a RARE moment of peace!
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How come when I resize my photos to fit on the forum, they always turn out sorta fuzzy? Any suggestions or advice?

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Well no advice from me I'm afriad.. :laughing: btu the pic doesn't look fuzzy to me at all!!! It looks fabulous!!! What a cute pair!!
When our pups are a bit older, maybe they'll calm down enough to SLEEP (with or without the cats.. :laughing: )! But for now, they bounce around and want to lick and snif and bounce and jump on the cats, soooo... we have a little wait...although the cats actually quite like them already, and of course the dogs know who's in charge (one of them has a kitty "swipe" mark on his little nose right now...!)
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I love big dogs and tiny cats together - somehow the cat is always in charge. Must be a superior intelligence thing.
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Bodlover - what kind of puppies do you have??? And how many cats? Did you have the cats first?

I think it's even more amazing that Pepper the kitty came second and Bella has been the queen for 7 months in our house, and still Pepper is king already! Though Bella does still push his buttons every chance she gets. Hopefully eventually they'll just live in harmony together, right????
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Those pics are great! Goodness, Bella's head was bigger than Pepper's whole self. Watching those two must be a riot! Just thinking about them makes me laugh.
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Big Kat, I have two red and white Border Collie puppies (15 weeks old at the mo) and seven cats - and yes, the cats rule!!! We had all the cats first, Bod (my special cat) seemed to take the puppies really quickly, - on their first day home he just jumped right between them to share their water bowl! The pups just looked at him, then looked at me,.... then carried on!! :laughing: Now the cats just stare at the pups with great distain. :laughing:

Love that last pic... I just want to squidge them both!! (squidge = cuddle them alot)
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Lovely to see a cat and dog getting on together. What cool pictures
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Well I just can't get enough photos of Pepper and Bella together so you'll have to excuse me for posting so many!

We're making more progress with "playtime" but they do need to be supervised still most of the time. And Pepper is learning to be alone at night and not cry so much since he can't join us all in the bedroom just yet - Bella would never get any sleep she'd be so excited all night trying to play. My goal is that someday we'll all be able to sleep together!

On to the photos!
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Bella's new toy warthog!
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Pepper thinking it's his toy!
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My happy family
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Those are great pics. Looks like you are making very good progress with them getting along. I love the one of Pepper using Bella as his pillow. Too cute!
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