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snow bengal

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Hello, im new here

I just want to know if the spot on the bengal can appear later (for example at 2 month ?) Or all cat have their sport at birth .. cause i want the buy one but he dont have spot and the better say to me (he will got spot later)

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I found this info

Blue eyed snow bengals are born white and at the age of a week to ten days they start to show strips of grey or brown on their tails and legs and spots start to appear on the body. It can take up to a year for all the markings to come in and it is fascinating to watch them slowly change.

AOC (any other colour)eyed snow bengals are born with their markings already present. They have a sepia/champagne honey colour coat, with brown spots. These kittens will have green or aqua blue eye colour.
From this site http://www.karsukasbengals.co.uk/bengal-kittens.html
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yes they can appear later in seal lynx point but if they don't have any markings present within a few weeks of birth, chances are the pattern won't be very showy. If they have no markings at a couple months old, chances are they may not get any markings, or have only very light markings as adults. I have seen snow bengals with no markings as adults.
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