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Max is healthy.....

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and a little fat! Max is our 4 yr old hound and today was his annual at the vet. He did well and tolerated the muzzle. He's a bit snappy at the vet but our vet and techs are great and they don't mind. Everything looks good and the vet commented on how clean his ears are, even though we never have to do a thing with them.

He's still too fat, but he's down a bit from his last visit. We're working on it, but we're also working hard to socialize him and have been doing some dog training (he starts a group class this week, a huge step for him). That means we have to balance keeping off his weight with giving treats to reinforce training (and being a hound, he's very food motivated and otherwise has very selective hearing).

Anyway, I just wanted to share that he's doing fine. If anyone remembers when we got him just over a year ago, the nervous hound who had no leash training and snapped if someone touched his back end, you wouldn't believe how far he's come. Probably the shelter workers wouldn't recognize him if they saw him on a walk.

We're just waiting on the heartworm test, which should be back next week.
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I'm so happy that you are making progress. Maybe you can find some lo-cal treats he likes for training.
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That's good news! I hope Max will be maximum healthy and fatty from now on
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