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White Lump on Anus

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Hi All,

I have my 12.5 year-old cat booked in at the vet to get her seen to about the following problem but hoped that I could get some advice from the forum in order to set my mind at ease.

I have recently noticed a lump at the opening of her anus which is white in colour and approximately 2mm in diameter. I have tried wiping it off with a tissue but it doesn't seem to move. Also, after pooing, she is dragging her bum across the floor.

Initialy I thought it could be tapeworm of some sort and have given her medication for that but the problem persists.

I can upload a pic if that helps.

Thanks in advance/
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If not worms then I would think maybe infected anal sacs. Color doesn't seem right to me, but lumps in that area, dragging her butt, sounds like an anal sac thing. When was the last time you or the vet drained them?
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Hi Jen, thanks for your answer.

We recently adopted the cat since her owner was old and had to move into sheltered accommodation.
Prior to the cat coming to us she was taken to the vet for a check-up - I presume it would have been done then? We have had her for approximately 5 weeks now and she wasn't Scooting to begin with.
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Manually expressing anal glands isn't really a standard part of an exam for a cat, so it probably wasn't done then.

Have her stools been soft? When they pass a normal/firm stool, the glands are expressed naturally...but if the stool is soft for awhile, then the fluid in the sacs builds up and can cause kitty some trouble.

I agree that it all sounds like an anal sac issue. The vet can express them and probably prescribe some antibiotics if there's an infection.
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Hi Beandip,

Her stool has been quite runny for a week or so now actually, sounds like what you are saying might be correct.
Many thanks for your help.
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