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Whisker's Mom - How'd It Go?

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Ghyslaine - what did you decide to do? Did he go to the store today? Were you able to videotape it? Is he going tomorrow? Was there a b-day party? Did he go to the store with friends? (I'll probably find out later all of this info is in the DT - but I don't remember from which day!)

Wondering....or hoping all went well!

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Wow...I am lost....sounds exciting though!!!! I didn't get a chance to read any of the daily threads this week. What is going on? I hope whatever it is that it went well!
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Debby, it was Ghys' sons 8th b'day the opther day and it was his FIRST time going to the corner shop on his own, Ghys was giong to have somefriends planted at inconspicuous places to check on him on the way..
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When he was 5 he asked if he could go to the store by himself, and she promised him that when he was 8 he could! And he turned 8 on Sunday - and he reminded her of the promise! Is that the cutest? She says he never pestered her inbetween - what an amazingly patient young guy!

We didn't know if he was going on his birthday or a different day - and I think they were going to try to videotape it. She said the store is on a main intersection, but that he doesn't have to cross any streets to get there.

But we were providing support to a nervous mom (Debby - think of all the things you have to look forward to!)....and we were wondering what happened!
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(Want to make sure Ghys sees it when she logs on next!)
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OMG! Sorry guys, For some reason, I did not see this.

Thanks Kassandra for bringing it to my attention.

You guys are so sweet to ask how things went but....on sunday, we were hit with a major snow storm, freezing rain and all and we ended up having to stay indoors. Daddy was called to work (he plows the snow). Anyways....Steven's birthday party was postponed until Nov. 30. And, yes, I do have to admit he is an amazing little guy because he has not complained once.

I don't feel comfortable letting him go on a week night because by the time I get home from work, and we have supper, it is already dark out and....I NEED for everyone to be able to watch him. I am planning on doing the camcorder thing. Was also trying to figure out how to get a picture taken. I want to put it in his album. I even have a picture of him holding a sign that says "Today is my first day of school" with the date and age. I stopped doing that last year with him. Now it's Nicolas's turn. I know it sounds funny but....the pictures turn out so cute and I'm sure when they are older, it'll bring back some memories of all the "firsts" in their lives.

Okay....so the plan is that I will definately let him go. I can't back down on my word but.....I am still nervous as heck. And yes....Debby, there is so much to look forward to. And at the same time, this part about giving them freedom is much harder than it sounds.

What does not help my case is that alot of neighbors let their kids run wild around town. I honestly believe my boys are the only ones not allowed to play in the street and definately not allowed to stroll around town as they please. There is one little boy. He's about 5. I saw him one night sitting beside a stop sign up the road. He was waiting for his mom who was visiting a friend. Okay.....problem is, it was 9:45pm at night. I just don't understand.....This same mom called on of my neighbors one night at 10:30 asking her if her boys were there. Geesh! I try to explain to my guys that just because all the other kids have free reign in town does nt mean it is okay. Little boys don't always understand and they figure, at times, that I am just a mean old mom.

Okay, so, the question was: Did he go? I guess a simple answer would have been "No, not yet" but, you guys know me well by now! Short and sweet is just not like me. Once again...Thanks for asking!
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Don't worry about being too hard on your kids. I wasn't allowed to do much alone when I was young either. Heck, my parents wouldn't allow me do walk 1/4 mile to the marina (in sight from our front yard)ever! Not even when I was 16, much less 8! Today I'm 22 and I thank my parents for being so strict with me! Just make sure he gets social time in as well.
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Now that I know what is going on, I will have to check in to see how it goes!! I bet he is really excited about it!!! You sound as excited as he is! That is really cool that you are letting him do this! Your such a good mommie!
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We lived in a really suburban area - few cars, lots of joined backyards... we were allowed to play at any of the kids homes within the four joining blocks (we were near one corner, and had friends 1/2 up the block around the corner, next to them, across the street, and then on the other "kitty-corner" block, and one more of the gang a few houses up from that). So that was our "running around town" - but the parents all had a co-ordinated time for us to be home (both for dinner and then for the after-dinner play in the summers).

Other than that - if we EVER had a "well, everyone else does it" - you know the reply: ...and if everyone jumped off a cliff - would you? Your name ISN'T "Everybody Douds" (my maiden name).

Yup. Good mommy!!!!!!
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Hey Ghys - I don't remember reading how it went when you finally let him take the trip! I might have missed a post or a DT where you told us what happened - but I'm also wondering - with all the problems that were bestowed upon your family if Steven's independent trip ever happened?

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I think this was the final answer:
Okay, so, the question was: Did he go? I guess a simple answer would have been "No, not yet" but, you guys know me well by now! Short and sweet is just not like me. Once again...Thanks for asking!
Don't feel bad. My kids would still not be allowed out of the yard if my sister-in-law hadn't pushed me. The first time they left the yard alone was the first day of school. I had to walk behind to take a picture of each of them walking to the end of the yard to catch the school bus! Oh, I made an exception for honeymoons! I allowed them to go without me. Gees, I missed a Caribbean Cruise and a trip to Hawaii. Big mistake!
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Hi guys...

Well, the answer is "No...he has not gone yet". Believe it or not, he has not asked me once since his birthday. So, I have not mentioned it. What seemed to be a big deal for him back then has suddenly been forgotten by him. hmmmmmm. My guess is that he is waiting for the summer or, he is waiting for the first time his friend gets to go and then, he'll want to tag along with him. I don't really know... Hubby says to just let him be and to not really remind him. He'll ask eventually.

We are, however, letting the boys play outside by themselves. (in our back yard, mind you but hey....it's a beginning)

I will never be the type of mother who will allow the children to play upstreet with the rest. I can't....And so far, my boys are okay with it. After some pouting, they eventually forgive their 'cruel' mom.

Thanks for asking Laurie! You have a great memory.

Jeanie :LOL but yeah....you did miss two great trips!
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