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How old is too Old?

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How old is a male Himalayan to old to be used as a stud?
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Does anyone know???

anyone have any guesses even???
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I think it all depends on his health, not just last vet check up but overall genetic health history. If it is perfect and there is a good reason for the breeding and he is some champion show kitty or a cat who produced healthy kittens in the past, then as long as he is interested I think it would work. But I am no expert, how old are we talking? If he was bred his whole life, I would think that there is a timw when he should be allowed to retire and be a normal neutered house cat.
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he is going on 6 yrs old.
We normally just show our cats and and stud out once and take a male pick of litter.

when we studded this guy (litter was born Feb/07) all kittens were females.
So I wanted to know if next winter if we line up another breeding if he would still be young enough.

He is Champion Titled and is in perfect health and comes from great lines and we want to keep showing the line, But do not want a female from his line.
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Six is a good retirment age ... from what I have read and I am NOT A BREEDER ... most retire males around 5-6 yrs
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We are not breeder's either, we show our cats and then offer studding once to get a male pick of litter,and then show the kitten, we do not want one of the females that his studding gave..... is there a medical reason due to his age why we shouldnt offer studding again this winter to get the male pick of litter from his line?

I have looked it up online but can not find anything to helps.
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There is no medical reason NOT to keep studding a male. However, my research and conversations with other breeders tells me that after the age of 6 or so, you'll get smaller litters irrespective of how proven the female is. That is why most breeders choose to neuter at around 6 years. It also gives the breeder/owner the opportunity to show the cat in Premiership (Alters) without going to the seniors category (which is 8 yrs old for CFA).
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As long has he's in good health and willing to breed. Like Aby says, he may produce smaller litters. I'd breed him again and see if you get a male kitten that's worthy of keeping.

Keep in mine tho, he may produce a male kitten but not the quality you want. What will you do then? I'm assuming you want a show and stud replacement for him? Are you willing to breed him to 2 different females for a better opportunity for getting a replacement?
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There's no upper limit for a male as long as he is healthy. I know of a 10 year old male who still father litters (of normal size). Using an older stud can have positive sides and one of them is that he'll have grown up offspring you can validate (health, looks, reproduction capacity etc.).
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I don't breed cats, but I used to breed rats, and I always tried to use older males - like Sol mentioned, you get a lot better idea of the line, both good and bad. The only downside that I know of is that it can take longer for it to "take".
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