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Help! Advice needed for new mum, a stray!

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Hi all, um, i really hope someone can help!! I have 2 cats of my own, male and female. Recently a "new" cat started hanging around in my back garden, she was very nervous about approaching us, but had no qualms in sneaking in to the kitchen and shoving my 2 cats out of the way to eat and drink.

Anyway, a bit of background info out of the the way......the problem is she gave birth last night under a bush in my garden to 6 beautiful and seemingly healthy kittens. I am extremely concerned for the kittens well being and safety (mine is not the only Tom in the area). I have left food, water and a box with a towel in it as close as i can get to her before she starts growling and hissing at me.

I have contacted the local branch of the Cat Protection Agency, but with it being a Saturday, fear i will not hear anything until Tuesday. I really am at a loss of what I should do to help these little nippers. Do I just do what I can and let nature take its course or do I attempt to move the kittens indoors, to give them a fighting chance until a rescue centre can take them?

Any advce would be greatly appreciated!
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you might get a quicker response in the SOS lounge , they will advise on what is best to do , iv never been in this situation to help you, on one hand if you move them mum might go off , on the other hand theres so many dangers outside. i hope you get some advise real soon.
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I agree with Tasha - but what you've done is a start - if mum moves them into the box, she'll be able to keep them sheltered and warm until the rescue people come - can you see if she has moved them at all ?
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Thanks for the heads up, have posted there! Yeah it's a really tricky situation! There's a part of me that wants to move the lil kitties and mum into the warm. I have a spare room where she could be alone and away from my 2 cats, but I really don't want to cause her to abandon them. We've spent the last few weeks trying to coax her and be friendly, however my 2 have been taking offence to my befriending efforts, so i've had to try and be cunning and do it when they're not around!
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no she hasn't moved them at all, they're a little ball of bodies, all intertwined and scrambling over each other to get to mums nipples. Very cute! I've cut away slightly at the bush so i can keep a good eye on them, without getting too close to be seen to interfere. Mum has been given food and water, she didn't even growl at me as I placed the dish as close to her as I could, again without trying to seem as tohugh i was interfering
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Hi and welcome to TCS! I have taken the liberty of merging your two related threads into this one here in SOS since it may be that more people who are better experienced with a situation such as yours will see it and be able to offer you advice or suggestions.

Thank you for looking out after these cats. I hope everything will go well for them and for you.
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How long ago did you call CP?

Was it the 029 number you called?
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yes it was the cardiff number i used, I rang around 6pm
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I'll make some calls for you and get back to you soon
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thank you that'd be great!!
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I'm sorry I can't get any reply for the local Cp,I will pm you a number for sw animal your pm box
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Thank you for all your help
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Good luck with these new kittens, please keep us posted on how they are doing.
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Will do! Currently Mum and kittens have been moved to a nice, warm location, with plenty of towels, food and fresh water. Mum seems to have settled nicely into the tempoarary home that's been set up for her.
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aww thats good news - did mum move them herself or was she kind enough to let you move them at least they can now keep warm, which is excellent news

Let us know how things are today

note added - just seen the other thread about kittens all tangled so I guess from that you were allowed by the mum to help - you've done a fantastic job - keep us posted !
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don't forget that mumcat needs to be fed a good quality kitten food, as she needs the extra calories. also, she can be spayed once the kittens are 8 weeks old
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mum has been fed every 3-4 hours throughout the night. last night when i was trying to help the kittens, i think she could sense it and was very passive, even when her babies were crying. This morning, however, is a different story. Lots more hissing, threatening body posture and even leaving the babies to hide under the bed. When i don't approach her babies, she resumes her duties. It seems she has quite a degree of mistrust for people, not knowing where she has come from, or what she has been through it's difficult to know exactly how to get her to trust me, I'm just being patient and talking to her softly.
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aww you are doing a wonderful job - I know you are busy etc, but have you had chance to take any photos we'd love to see the mum & babies
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Lovely pictures. You have set up her box very well.
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aww look at those precious ones - and thanks to you they are all well and safe

Whats the plan now ? you have a Bank Holiday tomorrow, so will the rescue people come Tues ? sorry if you've posted this elsewhere
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Oh...Momma kitty is SO pretty! What a lovely family!
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Hi sorry for the delay in posting, have been out for the evening. Mum and kittens were collected early this evening and taken to a rescue home based here in South Wales. I had the opportunity to meet the owners of the rescue shelter and feel very confident that mum and kittens will be very well looked after, loved and cared for. Mum was very friendly, think she was just looking for someone to love her and look after her. The ladies that run the organisation will contact me to keep me informed of the kittens condition.

thank you to everyone for your support and kind comments.
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well done! You did a great thing by taking them in and then getting them into the rescue centre. Could have been different without your help!
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OMG if you werent across and ocean I would snatch one up right away..They are cutie pies..You did an awesome thing taking care of her and her babies..Applause all around...I hope you still keep us updated on how they are doing and if they find homes.
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