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Should I go?

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I just looked at the website for Ontario Colleges and found out that my course and my boyfriends course is not offered in the winter at the college we are wanting to go to. They are both still open for this September though. That would mean applying now, saving money and getting a loan. Saving and getting a loan are stuff I would have to do if I went in January anyways. I really don't want to wait until September 2008 to go to school.

I will be working part time still while I am in school so that I will have extra money, plus my dad said as long as I paid my tuition he would help me with rent and food money.

Do you think I should go for September this year or put it off and wait another year?
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If you can manage to go in Sept this year, I would do it. Nothing is more important in life than your education - your whole quality of life depends on it, even your relationship with your boyfriend and your future marriage, if you get that far. And you never know what another year may bring. SO go for it, while you can.
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If there's anything I've learned at my advanced age, it's that waiting is rarely the right thing to do. Go for it!
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