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cat pregnancy question

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Hi please does anyone know roughly , how long after there milk comes in could they deliver.Thanks for any help.
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if you can squeeze (gently i mean) a drop of milk from the nipple i have always found 24/48 hours. but this is not always the case.
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yes ive tried that ,a little drop came out about 5 days ago and is still happening . Kittens moving around loads and kicking. Thanks
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You are probably very close now ... have you got a nesting place all set up for her? Has she begun to explore it and dig around in it yet? If you haven't already, please take a moment to read this thread to better prepare yourself for what is to come.

When the time comes, if you need help finding a low- or even no-cost spay/neuter clinic in your area, just let us know and we may be able to help.

Best of luck, we are all wishing for a safe, uneventful delivery for you!
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Yes ive a spare room with her bed and blankets , litter tay ect. But she has not really been looking to nest yet? so didnt think it could be this close , hard to work dates out .I had another two weeks in my head but do you think then possiby sooner.cheers
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unless you saw her mating or she only got out once , it can be very hard to tell how far long a cat is without a vet looking at her , but in any case she should have a vet check up since she is pregnant now anyway , they can make sure everything is going fine , and any concerns you may have they will be happy to help . ( were here of course aswell). when anne had her babys 2 months ago , i think her milk started comming in about a week before birth. every cat is different .
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Some girls won't nest until the day of delivery arrives, so it really isn't such a good way to judge ... *grin* ... cats are such individuals that it really is hard to say one way or the other what they will do as a general rule. It is safe to say that many cats will nest or that you can see the milk glands "bagging up" about a week to 10 days before delivery. I was never any good at expressing milk so I just don't bother even trying. A better indication for me was when the gland around the nipple started to lose fur and have puffiness or appear slightly swollen. Then I knew that we were about a week or so away from seeing new babies.
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Thanks for your help. goinig tue to vet unless she already has delived to get her checked. With bank hols here ,there not there to ring. thanks again for the helpful excited
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my girl has started to now gromming herself all the time does this have any indication of when she could deliver, i just wont to be prepared for her . thanks again
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yes grooming herself a lot can be mean shes getting herself ready.
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good luck! Sounds like it will be pretty soon!
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ive just tried working the dates out i think she is 57 days today is that to early to have the babies . she seems very tried today sleeping lots but then she is carring a litter so she will be?thanks
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63 is the average time althoygh obviously it varies. I think anywhere within 57-69 is considered normal.

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