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Will They Be Ok ?

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well fluffy is acting a bit strange today , she is more vocal , a tiny tiny bit of mucus brownish red. her breathing is a bit faster then normal , shes still eating drinking and toileting fine. but what im asking is , if she was to deliver today would the babys be ok , she has about 5 days to go. the babys are moving a lot now , but still no signs of milk , and her mamary glands dosnt seem to have started filling as yet.
also if she does have them now , because theres still 5 days left would it be wise for a vet vist after the birth just to make sure everything is ok?
god iv been through this sadly so many times, but i always worry. i had a female go into early labour , but we didnt know what her due date was to start with , they were born alive apart from 1 who was deformed the others were born by c section 2 died shortly after and the 3rd died 4 days later who i had to hand feed as mum didnt have any milk and baby was to week to suck.
so because of this ( it was my very first pregnant cat) i worry everytime , and this i must admit is one of the reasons im so aginst breeding and always get them spayed. along side so many unwanted cats as there is.

so please if you have any advise on this subject i would be greatfull to hear it.
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Tasha, the mucous is your clue that she is likely to deliver in around 12-36 hours. The signs of impending labor are:

*Her vulva will swell a little and turn pink around 2-3 days before.

* She may either want you to not leave her side even for a minute or not want to be near you at all.

*She will become restless, may go off her food and scratch at things, as if she is trying to make a nest. Provide several nesting places for her so she can choose one she likes when the time comes. If she chooses an awkward spot such as behind the sofa or in a cupboard, don't try to move her and the kittens, just make the area comfortable (clear out the cupboard and put towels or blankets down) and make it safe for the kittens by using rolled blankets around the nesting area to stop the kittens falling, wandering off or getting 'lost'.

*About 12-24 hours before the birth, she will lose her mucous plug. This is a clump of clear or pinkish mucous that blocked the birth canal.

*You will notice a clear, pinkish or slightly blood-stained discharge from her vagina. If the discharge is greenish or brown, she may have an infection or a kitten that has died in-utero and she needs to see a vet ASAP.

*She may develop diarrhoea about 12 hours before the birth.

I've underlined the part above so you can watch what colour the discharge is. A cat here on TCS recently died from pyometria (a uterine infection) after having quite a bit of brown discharge. This is not meant to scare you but I'd recommend you keep a close eye on Fluffy.

If she did deliver today, the kittens should be OK, as our memory can't always recall back to the exact day, so you would add or subtract a few days from the delivery date you worked out. Unless you know the day exactly?

With her milk, mumcats often don't start producing their milk until during the labour itself. The teats fill from back to front. Are her back teats 'baggy' at all?
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yea her back teats have started to slighty bag.
thank you for all the information lol but i do know most of it. and yes i know about the discharge , all the mums iv had here has been a brownish pink before , except the one who had the problems above. hers was a dark red blood a not just a little bit , when i asked the vets about it they said it was normal , when i went to a different vet with her for the c section they told me it wasnt normal. so i know its important to keep an eye on the mucus.
my main concern was if she was early what should i do.
and no i dont know the date as i had her spayed so never looked for signs of heat or anything. this is by the vets estimate being due around the 10th.

thank you for the reply.
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Hi there, just catching your latest update - wow its certainly all go in your house

I am only thinking that if you are not 100% about the date she got pregnant, then maybe her time has come have you called your vet as yet ?

fingers crossed for you
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i did this afternoon just so they know what is going on , in case any problems with her being a small build and her HUGE tummy lol , and the fact she was on antibiotics for a long period of time.. so far things seem to be ok , no more mucus (and i know she cant clean it of as she can not reach there atall)
thats a point will she be able to reach there during labour?
PS congrats on the 1 yea here at TCS , feels like i have been here forever , but only been 8 months lol
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