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what do you recomend

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to do the sigs? i know most use photo shop , but what one? i mean 4.0? or others.
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If you just want to try it to see if you like playing with graphics, I would download one of the trials. If you like it and money is no object go for the latest one. If money is a consideration Photoshop Effects is great value for money and you can do lots with it.
I always used that until my son bought Photoshop CS2 for me.
It is very addicitve
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I have Photoshop CS2 also, but unless you are going to really use it I wouldn't recommend paying all that cash for it when software such as Photoshop Elements and PaintShopPro can do all the more basic (but still very advanced compared to other software) stuff for ALOT less in $$$
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thank you both. funny thing is it is mainly for the sigs and when im bored.
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Sometimes you can go on ebay and get a slightl older copy of Photoshop for a little less. I have Photoshop 7.0. I have seen it for sale on ebay, 7.0 is still pretty expensive. However, you might be able to pick up Photoshop 5 or 6 for a halfway decent price.

From what I've seen, you can do a lot with Photoshop Elements, and that's way cheaper than even an older version of Photoshop.

By the way, pretty soon my Photoshop 7.0 will become a thing of the past for me, as I know I'm getting CS2 for my Birthday. Yeah!!!!
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