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19 yr.old cat poops in bathtub

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Over the last yr. my 19 yr. old female spayed cat has started pooping in the bathtubs, shower, corner of the screened porch and in front of the front door. She still urinates in her litter box. What is going on?
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First of all, Welcome to TCS! If you want you can go to the New Member's Forum and introduce yourself!

Have you brought this cat to the vet to rule out any medical issues?
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Hello, sorry about your kitty, if she started pooping in the bathtub and shower, maybe she wants a bath?

When was her last vet visit?
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Welcome to TCS! I am sorry to hear about your problem, but she is trying to tell you she is not comfortable. It is a sign that something is wrong, and given her age as well, I htink you need to talk to a vet.
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Hello and welcome to TCS - I agree with Jenny - its best to have the vet check that over, especially a 'toileting' change in a senior

Let us know how things go
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Hi! Also, welcome to TCS! I think it's great that you are reaching out for advice. Let me start by saying your kitty has a few years over most cats, and when they get older they do often loose their acute senses and some of their body functions. You should atleast call your vet and ask, it could be an infection or something not directly related as well. Hope all goes well!
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Definitely let the vet give her a complete checkup -- but also, how high is the side of your litterbox? If your kitty is finding it painful to climb into it, she might be less inclined to use it. Not sure why she would do one in the box and the other outside, but cats are full of mysteries...

The main thing is to see a vet!
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