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Pixie's kits are 5 weeks on Mon - more pics!

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Hope you're not getting fed up of all these pics I'm posting! The little bundles of fun are growing sooo fast! They are running, jumping and are really funny! They are all litter trained and have eaten food. So all is well! I have posted another pic of tabbies bum as the vet last week told me she is a girl, but you lot think a boy! And I'm really confused as well! They vet didn't seem totally convincing and took ages looking and eventually said 'I think she's a girl!'.

By the way - our sofa was ruined years ago by our first cat!

Here they are:

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and the 2 last ones!

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ok iv just checked your picture with my tabby boy here lol and he sure does look like a boy to me. so sorry didnt help much there. also there all beautiful!
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Yep I too think he looks like a boy baby.

They are so cute. I love the pic of the little ginger one snuggling up with mom. Soooo Sweet!

Emma x x
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OMG!!!! Those babies are just adorable!!!

I just wanna cuddle all of them!!!!
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soooo cute!! Gorgeous kitties!
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aww look at those little cherubs, bet you have tons of fun with them - they look real healthy too - hope all continues to go well for them !!
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im sorry, but i think thats a girl... it might just be my luck, but all my boys came out with well lets say.. fairly large manhoods... so yea.. lol.. its usually really obvious,

and i must say. they are sooooo cute!
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They are all just so precious! I can't believe how much your black & white one look's like my Lisa (see pic). They could be twins!
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Great pics - I just love the Red classic tabby boy

And I've never seen such dark striping on the red of a tortie without it being a patched tabby! That's very unusual. You should show mom after she's spayed
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im thinking its a girl too.Often you will find that males urinate in a strong straight stream whereas girls will do it in more of a spray. You can see this if you hold them and stimulate their urination after eating using the belly rubbing as I said above. Otherwise you will have to wait a while until you can see the form of the testicles in the males.
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Are you keeping any? That little yellow kitten sure loves his or her mom!
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Such precious babies! Is the brown tabby the daddy?
Orange tabbies are my favorite, but they are all so adorable! I just want to cuddle them all!!
Do you have homes lined up for them yet?

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gorgeous gorgeous kittens!! this is my fave pic:

they look like they've been caught being naughty!!
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Oh my, look at all those precious babies! I love the pic of Pixie with her little orange baby.
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